Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 10, 2014

Hello family!!

It was another awesome week in Ngaruawahia! Transfers are next week so were going to soak up Ngaruawahia for all its worth:) We had a great week catching chickens, breaking up fights between old ladies and killing rats! We have more and more, less actives coming back to church each Sunday and this week we found a new investigator who is really keen named Chance. She is a sweet girl and a little young but I have met her multiple times and given her a Book of Mormon. I always don’t really try to hard (guiltily) to teach her because she is only 11 and I don’t like baptizing kids without any family support that will just go less active but we ran into her at the park again yesterday and she asked how she can get baptized and that she has been reading her Book of Mormon. I figure why not teach her she just keeps coming back maybe it’s a sign or something so we will see how it goes!

The weather has been nice and warm so we are loving life! And Sister Hughes and I decided we need a hobby so we started collecting these little super hero blockheads from the gas station that you get free when you buy gas! They are really stupid but when people in the ward heard we were collecting them and they usually just don’t get them they started getting them for us and so now we have HEAPS! lol TOO FUNNY!

So one of the recent converts we have been working with that is really struggling, we talked into going to the ward bonfire for Guy Fox with us and when we got there Sister Hughes and I had to go to the restroom so bad that Clayton let us climb in the trailer behind the four wheeler and he towed us up the hill to the house while one of the members stayed with our RC. Well only like 10 minutes later we get back from the bathroom and our RC was cutting the reiwana bread and the little old lady who had made it was throwing a big fit that she was cutting it wrong and it seriously would have broken out into a fist fight if we hadn’t got there. Just then because the one lady stormed off one way and then our RC was like fuming and we had to take her home right after we got there! Don’t worry it’s like a 40 minute drive. haha Oh well, it was pretty funny after the fact! Bummer that she didn’t have a good time though she really needed a boost!

Oh I must have said it last week wrong or something! Nope still one more blessed week in Ngaruawahia at least!  And with your little lady you are trying to get back to church I have a couple ideas from all the less actives we have been working with here! The best one we have used is making them feel needed! I know your tired and worn out but maybe if you could think of an activity or service project that she could help with or that involves one of her talents and then call her up and say I really need your help! Or we really need your help! That helps a lot of people feel the spirit and remember what church is all about! Serving others is the best way to help people out of a slump and stop dwelling on their problems and start doing things they wouldn’t normally do! Most people won’t turn you down if you ask for their help I have found. If that doesn’t work than maybe serving her some of the tactics we use are oh I just love weeding gardens it’s my favorite can I come help with yours?? Even though it may not be our favorite thing to do if they think it is and we do it with a smile they are always really grateful and often times they have come back to church from that. Just like this week catching chickens. I didn’t really want to run around wacking at chickens with a stick for two hours but Rangi has come to church two weeks in a row now and she hasn’t been in like 10 years I think!


Love Lynds

October and November Updates


Things are great here down under! Working hard and loving it! We are doing really great with less actives right now and our teaching pool is alright but nothing to fantastic. Just keep pushing along:) Sister Hughes and I are happy and working hard.

The coolest miracle was we went on splits this week,  Aunty Sav and I taught this girl named Maria and it went really well she really felt the spirit it was a super cool experience!

Anyway love you!

Love Lyndsi

NO we are too busy to walk and bike because our area is so big and we have so many appointments during the days! But it is going really good! I love Ngaruawahia I think it is my favorite area thus far! We have brought 4 less actives back to full activity which is so cool and a couple more that are coming to church and should be active soon! That is really what this area needs because the last 14 people they have baptized here except for 1 have stopped coming to church like a week or two after they are baptized and I don’t really know what the missionaries that baptized them were thinking because most of them were still smoking and drinking and they just wanted baptisms. So we have done a lot of work to actually get them where they need to be! The bishop thanked us on Thursday and told us we are inspired and doing exactly what this area has needed for a long time so that was cool! We are still trying to teach and find investigators but the ones we have found are slow movers. We just keep going! The Stake President told us how awesome we are doing the other day.  He had told our Mission President, but every time we see him now he gets so excited and just says thank you so much for all you are doing we need more missionaries like you! It is really cool and even though we haven’t had any baptisms lately, it confirms that as long as I am trying to do what the Lord wants me to do, it is his work and he knows what Ngaruawahia needs!

Kia Ora Whanau~

We had a great week this week! We had another less active come back to church this week! And we had an awesome lesson with Maria at the floods house! The work is moving right along:) We also had interviews with mission president this week and Sister Hughes and I both asked to stay together and he said that he will see what he can do so here is to hoping!:) If I stay one more transfer I will probably only have one more area besides Ngaruawahia left! Which is awesome! My clothes are starting to fit better! In two more days I will only have 6 months left! CRAZY!! 

Love Sister Miggin