Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Area!

Dearest Whanau-

It takes about a hundred years to type on this computer so I don't know how great our emails  next little while. I am serving in Ngaruawahia and my new companion is Sister Taiseni I LOVE HER AND THIS AREA. It is like a breath of fresh air I am feeling much better this week and had lots of good emails from home about what is going on I don't know if I will be able to reply much to people but I will try my best It has taken me 30 minutes to just write this!  I love you all so much !  

Yep transfers went good my heart hurt when I left Cambridge but I know it was for the best and I am so happy in my new area! I really truly love it and Sister Taiseni is the best companion I have had! She and I get along about everything its soooo nice! Usually by this time of transfers I often think to myself that I need to be more humble and patient haha My new area is super ghetto! My first day here we saw this super stoned lady try to steal a car and then this other prego lady grabbed her and they drug her out back and beat her up! It was crazy!lol And HEAPS of gangs here! I love it though brown people love me haha

Love, Sister Miggin

A dream

July 13, 2014

Kia Ora Family!

IT HAS BEEN A ROUGH WEEK!! But as to be expected I guess life is just hard sometimes! It is good to keep in mind that Satan is real and so clever! I dodged some big mistakes this week by listening to the spirit and I am oh so grateful! I am so grateful for my Mission President this week to and heads up I will be transferring on Thursday! Don’t know where yet but I will let you all know next week!:) Things are looking up this week so no worries!

As for stories this week my companion and I had a very strange experience that I am kind of worried about... The other night I had an extremely vivid dream.. I dreamed that we were driving to transfers and a truck came into our lane right past the Goodman’s house on Hamilton Rd. Our car got smashed and I was really hurt but my companion was completely fine. She didn’t know what to do and then the next thing I remember was being in the hospital but I was standing in the room watching and I wouldn’t wake up. All the people that I have met on my mission so far were there from Pukekohe and the Cambridge branch coming to visit and then my Parents showed up. But it was like I was just standing there watching everyone come in and out. Eventually I woke up but it was a really horrible dream.. Well the next morning I was getting ready and couldn’t get it out of my head so I told Sister Paletaoga "Hey I had the weirdest dream last night that we got in a car crash on the way to transfers" and she looked at me really funny and said that is what I dreamed about last night and then she went into detail describing the exact same dream and crash every detail the same except the part where I was in the hospital she said that she remembers them making her still go to transfers after I went off to the hospital and she was worried sick about it and her dream went on to her in a new area. It was really weird and we have been worried about it for two days. I even prayed about it to make sure it wasn’t a warning or anything but no answer just a feeling that everything will be alright so I guess we will run with that?

Oh and teaching Renee is really excited and wants to get baptized she is moving out of the house with Andrew and getting her life all back in order it is great! Simon gets the priesthood next Sunday, and Mihi is working on her smoking so she can get baptized I am so proud of all of them! Zea is struggling a little so keep her in your prayers! I love you all very much!!

Love Sister Miggin



Simon's Baptism and the Visitors Center

Renee and Cruize at the visitors center. They loved it!

Lyndsi Visits the Hobbits -- June 22nd

Kia Ora Family,
I have heaps of pictures to send so I will keep it short and sweet! Simon’s baptism is this Saturday and I am very excited.  He is doing really well! Our sweet investigator Zea just decided yesterday she is ready to be baptized in July! She is a tiny little thing with colorful dreads. She used to be a professional jockey and now she owns like three businesses and has a farm of misfit animals she is so wonderful! Mihi and the kids are doing great to we had a really good lesson with them this week and we have another one this Thursday. The work is moving right along and we are having so much fun doing it! I just heard that I lost another one of my sweet kids from work this week and it has been One year since my little Millie died! I thought a lot about work this week and all those sweet spirits helped motivate me to work harder and be better this week! I miss working with my kids! Anyway I love you all!
Love Lyndsi
Elder Mangakahia and Elder Saville with the Mustaches together

Our poor tour guide I think we all tried to preach to him haha and they kept pushing me away from him cause they thought the tour guide was hitting on me haha Dont worry I invited him to church!

Fathers Day

Kia Ora Family!!
HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! I am going to get right into it so I have time to email some pictures. We had a huge week of miracles!! Renee and her Partner Andrew are very interested in the gospel and joining the church! She is wonderful and I think we were made to be friends. She rides dirt bikes and four wheelers she LOVES nitro circus and has been twice when they came to NZ. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and we are having so much fun teaching this little family!
Also Simon’s baptism is coming together nicely! I don’t remember if I told you about our fasting miracle but we found someone in our Branch that signs and so things are moving right along now!:) The 28th is coming up fast!!
We have another little family that found us this Sunday and they want to get baptized. The mom’s family is all members and she never joined. She said that it is time she joins the church and introduces her family to the gospel we will start teaching them this week!!
Also one of the wonderful couples in the branch have been doing their missionary work and invited their friend Zea to church. She is adorable and used to be a jockey and is so fun. She loved Sacrament Meeting this Sunday and has accepted our invitation to take the lessons to learn more!
Last P-day we hiked up to a waterfall that was gorgeous we hiked right up to the edge where it falls off the cliff! The hike was pretty straight up there were stairs pretty much the whole two hours up and the way down we were pooped! It was a gorgeous.  The rain forest though and the waterfall looked straight out of a movie!
This Monday we are going to Hobbiton so we will have more fun then!
Well love you all have a great week!
Love Sister Miggin

The Kiwi Birds - June 8th

Dear Family-


I have so much to write today and so little time so I will try to squeeze it all in! First AWESOME DAY AT CHURCH YESTERDAY! Simon and John were both at church and one of the less active girls named Sara, who we have been working with came.  It was so good to see her there! She is an amazing person and so funny and sweet! It was great!


Second: On Monday we went to the Kiwi Bird Zoo it was so cool! I got to see real kiwi birds running around Nicki would have loved it! I was not expecting them to be so big but they are about as big as turkeys! Also at the zoo we got to see some big eels feeding and this nice lady gave us some bird food so we got to feed these little parrots and they came and landed on our hands it was sweet!! Grandma Miggin would have loved that!


Third: I got a new companion!!! Her name is Sister Paletaoga she is from Savaii, Samoa! She is super nice and we get along great so that is a bonus!! We are already having lots of fun working in the area and teaching together!


Fourth: People keep calling me Blonde!! I don't get it? MY HAIR IS BROWN! DARK BROWN!


Fifth: Funny story; So sister Finau gave me this ring before she left that we always used to tease about that Elder Naria had given her but she didn't like him and so she gave it to me. Well Elder Mangakahia saw me wearing it and was like where the heck did you get that and when I told him he started cursing Elder Naria! "THE LITTLE THEIF!!" lol apparently it was Elder Mangakahias given to him by his girlfriend. He laughed and said well I give it to you even though it was already mine haha it was funny anyway now the rightful owner gave it to me but I just thought it was funny!!


Sixth: We had this lesson with Simon the other day and after we were teaching we asked Melinda to say the prayer so we all bowed our heads and closed our eyes and she started praying and like ten seconds in she started laughing hysterically so you know me the sympathy laugher starts chuckling but I tried to finish the prayer and then just started laughing harder and then sister finau looks at Melinda and I who are now laughing hysterically and then looks at Simon who still has his head bowed and eyes closed and then she lost it to! After a minute or so Simon peaks up to see if we were done and saw us all laughing and then he started laughing to! It was so bad but soooo funny! I think that is why Simon likes us more than the missionaries before though cause we have fun while we teach!


Any way I love you all!! Arohanui!!



Sister Miggin


June 1, 2014

Hey family!!

The work is soooo good! We had a crazy busy week but working hard and loving it! We had a zone meeting at the Marae this week (Its a Maori temple!) And one of the Maori princesses spoke to us and we learned how the Maori people literally came from Lehi. They showed us where the prophets have talked about the lineage and it was super cool! Also this lady named Rangi Parker has been collecting a history on the missionaries that have served in New Zealand for twenty years and when I told her that my Great Grandma served at the temple here she got all excited and started jumping up and down! So I have to get some information on her. Simon is doing well and he is our main focus right now because he is so hard to communicate with but we are teaching about 10 other people. Trying to get Simon ready for his baptism this month! WOOT WOOT Any way my time is short to email but I love you all!!

Love Sister Miggin