Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Kiwi Birds - June 8th

Dear Family-


I have so much to write today and so little time so I will try to squeeze it all in! First AWESOME DAY AT CHURCH YESTERDAY! Simon and John were both at church and one of the less active girls named Sara, who we have been working with came.  It was so good to see her there! She is an amazing person and so funny and sweet! It was great!


Second: On Monday we went to the Kiwi Bird Zoo it was so cool! I got to see real kiwi birds running around Nicki would have loved it! I was not expecting them to be so big but they are about as big as turkeys! Also at the zoo we got to see some big eels feeding and this nice lady gave us some bird food so we got to feed these little parrots and they came and landed on our hands it was sweet!! Grandma Miggin would have loved that!


Third: I got a new companion!!! Her name is Sister Paletaoga she is from Savaii, Samoa! She is super nice and we get along great so that is a bonus!! We are already having lots of fun working in the area and teaching together!


Fourth: People keep calling me Blonde!! I don't get it? MY HAIR IS BROWN! DARK BROWN!


Fifth: Funny story; So sister Finau gave me this ring before she left that we always used to tease about that Elder Naria had given her but she didn't like him and so she gave it to me. Well Elder Mangakahia saw me wearing it and was like where the heck did you get that and when I told him he started cursing Elder Naria! "THE LITTLE THEIF!!" lol apparently it was Elder Mangakahias given to him by his girlfriend. He laughed and said well I give it to you even though it was already mine haha it was funny anyway now the rightful owner gave it to me but I just thought it was funny!!


Sixth: We had this lesson with Simon the other day and after we were teaching we asked Melinda to say the prayer so we all bowed our heads and closed our eyes and she started praying and like ten seconds in she started laughing hysterically so you know me the sympathy laugher starts chuckling but I tried to finish the prayer and then just started laughing harder and then sister finau looks at Melinda and I who are now laughing hysterically and then looks at Simon who still has his head bowed and eyes closed and then she lost it to! After a minute or so Simon peaks up to see if we were done and saw us all laughing and then he started laughing to! It was so bad but soooo funny! I think that is why Simon likes us more than the missionaries before though cause we have fun while we teach!


Any way I love you all!! Arohanui!!



Sister Miggin


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