Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Area!

Dearest Whanau-

It takes about a hundred years to type on this computer so I don't know how great our emails  next little while. I am serving in Ngaruawahia and my new companion is Sister Taiseni I LOVE HER AND THIS AREA. It is like a breath of fresh air I am feeling much better this week and had lots of good emails from home about what is going on I don't know if I will be able to reply much to people but I will try my best It has taken me 30 minutes to just write this!  I love you all so much !  

Yep transfers went good my heart hurt when I left Cambridge but I know it was for the best and I am so happy in my new area! I really truly love it and Sister Taiseni is the best companion I have had! She and I get along about everything its soooo nice! Usually by this time of transfers I often think to myself that I need to be more humble and patient haha My new area is super ghetto! My first day here we saw this super stoned lady try to steal a car and then this other prego lady grabbed her and they drug her out back and beat her up! It was crazy!lol And HEAPS of gangs here! I love it though brown people love me haha

Love, Sister Miggin

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