Thursday, April 30, 2015

Coming Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone!

Nicole here.

Just wanted to let everyone know that Lyndsi will be coming home on Tuesday, May 5th!

We are so excited and can't wait to see her.

If you would like to join us at the airport to give her a warm welcome we would love to have you!

#officiallycountingdown #5moredays

April 26, 2015

April 26, 2015

Malo e lelei Famili!!!

ONE MORE WEEK!!! HOLY COW!!! Can’t believe it. I am getting so excited! Gotta start packing my bags and saying goodbye to everyone. Sister Moore and I made a list of everyone I need to say goodbye to!

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT RYANS MISSION  ALL TOO!!! What an awesome mission and Spanish speaking that will be awesome!!

It has been a long couple weeks but they are almost finished I am just trying to work hard and enjoy my last bit in my gorgeous Aotearoa!! We are teaching quite a few people right now and one that will get baptized next month when I am gone so that is exciting!

Love you all heaps and see you soon!!

Love Lyndsi

April 19, 2015

April 19, 2015

Hey Family- 

Same old this week we had an awesome sunday though 5 less actives at church and 2 investigators! I have been applying for jobs today and trying to get back on at primaries we will see how it goes! I cant wait to come home!! I am sad to leave but I am so ready to come home!! I love you heaps!! Cant wait to find out where Ryan is going!!!

Love Lyndsi

April 12, 2015

April 12, 2015

Si'oto 'ofa'anga famili-

He 'aho 'o 'eku ngaue fakafaifekau meimei faka'osi. 'Oku ou famamahi ki alu ka fiefia ki foki 'api. 'Oku ou fakafeta'i koe'uhi ko hoku famili ma'a 'ofa mo poupou'i mo ngaahi lotu. Malo aupito pea ofa lahi 'atu!!

It was a good week. We had a big temple trip and conference this week so we were pretty swamped. The work is going good though and we have five progressing investigators right now! I have been doing pretty good about coming home up until now watching conference and going to the temple gave me heaps of answers I wasn't even looking for when I come home! But it also made me a little homesick it is weird! Still working hard and loving it but I think I am ready to come home!

I haven't heard from Primary’s. I did email Cheryl a while ago, I will just worry about it when I get home though because I am not sure what to do yet? I know I want to live in Salt Lake again and finish my Nursing but I know I will find a job so we will just see. Just trying to stay focused while I am still here!

Aunty Sally came down to visit TeAniwa and Sonny this weekend and on her way back up north she stopped and said hi! It was soooo good to see her it is seriously indescribable how happy I am when I see the people I love!

It is starting to get really cold here and rains all the time!! I am getting tired of the cloudy days! With that said a family trip to Bryce Canyon would be the best thing ever!! Time is going sooooo fast! And I love you all!!

Love Sister Miggin

April 5, 2015

April 5, 2015

Malo e lelei Famili!!! 

It has been a crazy week!! We did so much this Easter weekend.. Taupo is one of the biggest tourist places in New Zealand so we had so many tourists in town for the Easter weekend! We passed out pass along cards at the Car show and met a couple Easter Bunnies! Lol We sang at a relief society fireside last night my companion and I and I played the guitar it was really fun! 

We have some really amazing investigators right now and I don’t think they will meet the qualifications for baptism this month, but it’s all good because I know they will get there even after I leave its really exciting! 

We have a temple trip this Thursday that I am super excited for!! I am so in a fog these days though cause I know my time is cutting so short yet I can’t wrap my mind around it! It is the weirdest feeling! So I mostly just throw myself into the work and enjoying my beautiful New Zealand and the people here and try not to think about it! 

Funny I was looking at my plane ticket and I will leave at about 730 pm on May 5 and get home about 730 pm on May 5. Ha-ha I will get home the same time that I left. hahaha I have been slowly collecting souvenirs my whole mission and I think I am about squared away except for  a few treats I will by closer to when I come home! 

When I get back I will probably just have to borrow clothes from Glick until I get a job. Ha-ha I don’t even remember what I have but most my clothes from here are either trashed or ugly only a few worth bringing back. We will have to have a pedicure night to because my feet have taken a beating out here! Food wise just make sure we have mixed veggies (peas, carrots, and corn) in the freezer please! 

Ofa Atu!! 

Love Sister Miggin

March 29, 2015

March 29, 2015

Hey Family- 

It’s been a good week! I sent Sister Paulo home and it was sad I miss her heaps! Then we went to transfers which was awesome!! I got to see a bunch of people probably for the last time. My new companion is Sister Moore. We were roommates in the MTC! She is awesome and I can already tell this area needed her but it is weird being with an American they are really intense!! I think it must be to prepare me to come home because I have chilled out heaps on my mission. To many islander companions:) Things are good though.  I also got my flight information this week I will fly into salt lake at 7:40pm on May 5. Crazy!! 

Love you all! 

Love Sister Miggin

March 23, 2015

Malo e lelei Famili-
Oku i ai eku manatu koe! Things are good here. I am living in Rotorua this week with the Fairy Springs Ward Sisters because Sister Paulo catches the bus at four this afternoon. I am really going to miss her and it has been so hard getting her ready to go home especially knowing that I only have a little over a month left. We still worked super hard though this week and had a great time. I won’t find out who my new companion is until tomorrow though.
The sisters here in Rotorua are both pretty new and its strange being around them. It’s going to be a long few days plus I miss my area. I always do when I leave my areas.  You just get really attached and it feels like home! Plus, we set someone for baptism this week and now I am not going to see her for a few days and that is hard!
Oh well, Nofo Malohi right?haha I miss you all but the days are counting down now I hate it. hahaha I can’t imagine leaving New Zealand. A lot of my mission friends go home this transfer too though, so that will make it a little easier.  Pretty soon I won’t know anyone. I love you!!
'Ofa Atu! Vakai koe!

Love Sister Miggin

March 15, 2015

Kia Ora Family-
It was a really good week we had another conference up in Tauranga this week on Monday which I think I already told you because we emailed on Tuesday. We have had a lot of rain and wind they call Hurricane's, Cyclones here so that is what it is I guess. This is the second Cyclone since I have been in in New Zealand it’s not too bad though. I heard it hit Fiji pretty bad though.
This is Sister Paulo's last week as a missionary this Sunday I will be driving her to Rotorua and next Monday she will catch the bus to Hamilton I think! CRAZY!! That means I will be starting my last transfer next week! Only 5 and a half weeks and I will be home.
Things are good.  We found three new investigators this week and we have 3 progressing towards baptism and Tekiri is doing AMAZING since her baptism!
Anyway love you heaps!

Love Sister Miggin

March 9, 2015

Hey Family!!

It was an awesome week! We had Tekiri Morehu's baptism on Saturday and it was beautiful! We had more people at the baptism than that come to church on Sunday. She looked lovely and had such an amazing spirit there. I sang for part of it with Elder Noa Aiono so scary and public singing is definitely not my forte but anything for Tekiri!:) Also we had to speak in sacrament on Sunday and we only got asked like a couple days before.  We had the baptism and everything so all I had time to do was write and outline and that is the first time I havent written it out word for word but it went really well and everyone liked it I think.  So, that was a big step for me too!

The reason I am emailing late is we had another conference with Elder Neilsen of the seventy yesterday and it was so good! I learned a lot and I heard a lot of things that I needed to hear that will help me make some more positive changes in my life. It also helped me make some big decisions.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love Sister Miggin

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Road Trip

Malo e lelei Family!

It has been an amazing week!! We have seen heaps of miracles and we have a baptism this Saturday for Tekiri Morehu! She is golden and has been doing so well with the lessons. She is a single mother of 7 kids and even though she has had heaps of trials coming she is so calm about all of them. She is so positive and just loves the gospel it is so fun and such a blessing to work with her!

Also on Saturday I was getting out of the car and heard a horn beep and guess who it was!! AUNTIE SALLY and ZSARAYA!! It was so fun to see them they came down for a river float and had no way of contacting me but they just saw me by chance it is always so exciting to see my family in New Zealand!!

Sister Paulo and I had an awesome time at the conference with Elder Bednar. It was really amazing and I got heaps of answers to questions that I have had. And we got to see everyone and catch up. Elder Bednar said that we were really prepared so the conference that was supposed to be about an hour went three hours it was crazy cool but then he didn’t have time to shake our hands after so instead we got to catch up with everyone. I got to say goodbye to Elder To'ia who finishes this transfer and catch up with all my other Tongans and Sister Lamoureux it was heaps of fun! And then we had a three hour car ride back down to home long as and no music was allowed on the car ride so it was extra-long.  You know how I love music!!

Anyways I was glad to hear that Ryan did so well in his play and that my prayers are being answered and Dads work still hasn’t gone on strike!!

I love you heaps!! Oku ou fakafeta'i koe'uhi ko hoku Famili!!! Couldn’t do it without you!!

Love Sister Miggin

Leaving to see Elder Bednar

Hey Momma and Daddy

Sorry I am emailing so late we are in Rotorua today because we are headed to Auckland tomorrow for Elder Bednar's conference here with the Auckland and Hamilton Missions. It has been an awesome week we are working hard and loving it! I dont really know what to talk about today it has just been work work work all week long helping our investigators prepare for baptism and we taught Sunday School and Relief Society yesterday. 

So I will just send pictures:)

Love you!!!


Hey Mom and Dad!!

It has been such a crazy week! I got last minute shifted to Taupo because they needed a driver down here and I think God knew I needed to leave Redoubt! It was hard to leave because I was finally starting to love it up there. For some reason I feel like I was never supposed to be there which I have never felt before in an area and so when I got transferred and rolled up to Taupo it felt like home which was so nice!

When we left Redoubt it was just Vasi and I driving down and I got permission to stop in Ngaruawahia because it is on the highway to Hamilton and so I stopped and said hi to the Waters and Auntie Savoni. It was seriously the most amazing thing ever! I cant explain the love I have for them and how much I had missed them it was what I imagine when I see you it will feel like a little bit! It was so sweet and my heart felt so full!

Transfers were good but the drive was really long we are as far south as you can go in the mission its us and then wellington mission so I literally went from the top border of the mission in redoubt by Auckland mission to the bottom! Taupo is freaking gorgeous though! We can see the beautiful lake from basically our whole area and there are hot pools like Yellowstone all over the place. Heaps of tourists!!

We set someone for baptism the second day I was here and so next month we have almost a baptism every single Saturday the 7, 14, and 28! This area is on fire it is so seriously fun to be in an alive area I have never been in one before. haha Sister Paulo is amazing I get along with her like I did with Sister Hughes... So EASY!! She is Sister Training Leader right now so we will be going on exchanges and training the newbs which is so weird! She dies at the end of this transfer though and then it will be me dying! CRAZY!!

Next week Elder Bednar is coming to speak to us so we are driving all the way back up to Auckland to my Redoubt chapel for the conference it will be our entire mission and Auckland mission I might get to see Elder Katoa for the first time since the airport! We don't get to talk to anyone or take any pictures though so I will just tell you all about it!

Anyway love you heaps!!

Sister Miggin

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

" For it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak" - Matt 10:19

February 8, 2015
Hey Family!

It’s been a good week! We found another really keen family to teach this week and the Family of 10 that we found last week is doing awesome to! Its transfers this week so we will find out tomorrow what is happening. My camera broke this week to!:( So I am hoping to find something that will charge my purple camera from back home wish me luck!!
Ok this week we had a really good lesson with a couple of our less actives. The moms name is Trish and the daughter is Krystal. We went over and were having a lesson with them and we were talking about the book of Mormon. I had a really strong impression to share my experience about the first time I read the Book of Mormon and what was going on at that time in my life and how it helped me. I had shared a little bit about what was going on with me in Jr. High at the time and Trish told me that her daughters were dealing with similar things like people not being nice to them. We were all in tears and they committed to start reading the book of Mormon and have been reading every day this week:) I love when that happens and the spirit puts just the right words in your mouth when you need them to help others it was a really good lesson!

 The Tongan is coming alright but still hard! I hope you all had a great week!


Darn Banana Allergy

Malo e Lelei Family!!

It has been an awesome week! We had a lot happen this week for basically the first time this transfer, so I was pumped!!

First some funny stories though!! So we were running low on food this week and bless dinner appointments! One of the sweet sisters was really busy the night she had us so she just dropped it off at our flat and with the delicious chop sewey she brought a big beautiful cake. We ate our dinner and were so excited for desert I got a knife and started cutting it and of course..... IT WAS BANANA CAKE!!! STINK! Needless to say I didn't get to eat any and Sister Vasi got to enjoy the whole thing by herself it was depressing lol

Next funny story the other night we were on our beds and couldn't sleep and Sister Vasi wasn't feeling very good and I had the giggles like crazy. But she was just kidding and asked me to sing her a song and I started singing "Soft Kitty" from the big bang theory which I didn't even know I remembered that song it was just the first dumb thing that popped in my head and she had never heard it before and almost died laughing and now she has been trying to sing it around the flat but she doesn't know the words and this morning she sang "Big Kitty, fat kitty.." And I almost died it was so funny!!!

We had interviews with our mission president this week on Thursday and it was really good. Apparently mine was really long but President and I were chatting it up like old friends it was funny. In my interview I started to tear up at one point and I was all President where are the tissues and he was running around the bishops office looking for them and I was like "who interviews sisters without a tissue box?" and we both started cracking up. We just talked about our mission experiences so far and about what I am going to do after my mission a bit. It was cool to talk to him. It was funny to though cause after I had only sat down for about a minute he was all "Sister your almost out of time.." and you know my air heady self was like "Really I didn't know these were timed as I was looking around for a clock.." and he goes "No not the interview your mission..haha" It was funny.

On Saturday we had an 8yr old baptism in our ward that we went to and Bishop Tangi and his wife Ana were there. He was my Bishop when I served in Pukekohe my first area. It was so fun to catch up and here how everyone is doing there. They said that Shanti is doing well still and yesterday was one year since her baptism I cant believe it was that long ago!

Yesterday at church Bishop Higgins and his family from Ngaruawahia came to our ward for a baby blessing to so it was a weekend of Bishops it was really fun to see them again! It reminds me of just how much I have loved serving here and all the different people I have loved.

And yesterday work wise we were walking in the rain! IT WAS LOVELY!! It has been so tropical and hot here lately we have been dying! But we were contacting people out of our area book and talking to people on the street yesterday and we found 12 new investigators!! AMAZING MIRACLE!! That has never happened my whole mission! I think it is everyones prayers back home because my Tongan has come a long way to I even started making sentences this week!

Well I love you all heaps!!

Love Sister Miggin

She is COMING HOME!!!!

Dear Sister Miggin

Because your visa will expire before 16 June, 2015 your release date has been changed to 5 May 2015. Our mission release dates are set by the Church Mission Department and we have to abide by them.

Regards and love

Sister Marsden

Got a Sunburn!

> Hey Family!!
> It was a good week here! We found some new investigators this week and got a really good sunburn walking everywhere and knocking on heaps of doors but all good! My Tongan has gotten so much better this week!! I still can’t make sentences but my vocabulary is getting pretty big so I usually know what is going on and what people are saying to me and I can communicate back a little bit! Way better than last week and the Tongan Elders said that I am learning super-fast so that is encouraging. This week is kind of a blur because we just did the same thing every day pretty much and it was hot everyday no rain these days it weird!
> Sorry such a short letter this week but sister Vasi and I can’t think of anything I will look in my journal next week before I come.  lol
> Love You Heaps!!

Love Sister Miggin

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Someone tried to break into the flat!!!!

Hey Family-

Things are good here in Redoubt. Things are really slow in this area ... everyone is super rich!!! My Tongan has barely gotten better I feel like but I am understanding a lot more than I speak.

Something funny that happened this week was we were walking down the street and stopped to talk to this guy at the bus stop and it was so stinking hot that I had a Restoration pamphlet out that I was fanning myself with and I asked him if he wanted one. He started fanning himself with it at first and then he opened it up and started taking a look. It was so funny, definitely one of the most random ways I have ever given a pamphlet away. He gave us his address and invited us over to teach him though so it totally worked!!

Also it was a couple of the Elders birthdays this week in the district so we made a couple cakes this week to smash in their faces it was great:)

Also someone tried to break into our flat a couple of nights ago but we were all good. I didn't even wake up Sister Vasi because the last time someone broke into the flat before I got here she chased after them and I am not about to go chasing down my companion in the dark in South Auckland after some creep even though I am pretty sure she could take them. haha

They just tried to come in the front door they were probably just drunk and got the wrong house cause we live on a whole row of identical houses

And we called the mission office and told the zone leaders and the mission office doesn't really care but the zone leaders said they are happy to sleep in their car outside our flat if it happens again they are the best!

If it happens again I am going to make Fukofuka sleep on our porch every night and let me send you a pic of how huge he is you will sleep better at night haha And he would Tongan Elders would do anything to protect a woman they were all ticked that the mission office didn't do anything about it they are like ready to take shifts haha A little over protective lol

Anyway Love you heaps!!

Love Sister Miggin

January 11, 2015

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Last Transfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kia Ora Whanau~

I got transferred this week to Redout in Manukau. We are pretty much right in the middle of South Auckland. You can see the Harbor from our area but its out of the mission. We are right on the border of the Auckland mission. And our Chapel is in the same parking lot as the MTC so pretty just made a full circle and am ending where I started.

My new companion is Sister Vasi from Idaho. She is Tongan though which is good I love my Tongan companions and she is a really hard worker so that is a bonus to! I am going to have to pick up my Tongan skills hard though because nobody speaks English up here! Mostly all the members are Tongan and there are only a couple white kids in the whole Zone they are all Tongan! And the missionaries are like on top of each other in this Zone cause it is so tiny and there are so many missionaries we usually run into about three companionships a day its crazy!! I am used to only seeing them at meetings!

Leaving Ngaruawahia was really really hard! They were so good to me there and we had so much fun with our families there before I got transferred for New Years Eve! I will miss them very much but I am in my last area most likely so it should be good! I already really like a lot of the ward members here!

Love you Heaps!!

Love Sister Miggin

Aunty Sav loves me Madre!

Hey Whanau!
It was the best Christmas this year and it was seriously the best talking with yous! Aunty Savoni has been talking about you non-stop since we called. She even talked about you in relief society yesterday! She thinks were the most amazing family! I told her you guys are my best friends and she finally understands lol
Ya Sister Hughes is getting way excited to go home! Today is her 21st birthday we hiked to the top of the Haikirimata and had a little devotional with a bunch of people in the ward it was fun to hike up with heaps of people. Then today they are throwing her a surprise party which is going to be awesome because they threw her a little party last night to throw her off. 21 is like a HUGE deal here in New Zealand its crazy!
We are working down at the Temple Lights again tonight to! I hope I survive because we woke up at 530 this morning and last time we went we didnt get home til about 1 in the morning! THATS A LONG DAY! Especially when you have to be up by 630 the next morning lol And Hughes and I always wonder why we are so tired!
I am pretty positive I am going to get transfered this week and I am getting really sad I have so much whangai whanau here! At our little devotional last night at the end of the party I really couldnt believe just how much I really love these people I dont just love them... they are family to me now! As I have been revflecting on my last few months here in Ngaruawahia we have seen so many cool things happen in this area. We have young women sharing the gospel and contemplating missions and less actives coming back to church. We have 3 investigators who want to get baptized and they have the best fellowship I am blown away thinking back on the last 6 months since I got to Ngaruawahia!
With that said knowing I am going to be heartbroken leaving Ngaruawahia I am really excited to go to my last area especially after calling home a few days ago because that just means I get to see you that much sooner! Plus if I stayed in Ngaruawahia for four more months I would never be able to leave lol I would seriously just take up permanent residence so its best that I get moved lol
I love you heaps!!

Love Sister Miggin

Aunty Sav just raves that you are the coolest mom ever lol Which i already knew but its really funny and grace said that even when I am not there that is all she has talked about all week lol