Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 12, 2015

April 12, 2015

Si'oto 'ofa'anga famili-

He 'aho 'o 'eku ngaue fakafaifekau meimei faka'osi. 'Oku ou famamahi ki alu ka fiefia ki foki 'api. 'Oku ou fakafeta'i koe'uhi ko hoku famili ma'a 'ofa mo poupou'i mo ngaahi lotu. Malo aupito pea ofa lahi 'atu!!

It was a good week. We had a big temple trip and conference this week so we were pretty swamped. The work is going good though and we have five progressing investigators right now! I have been doing pretty good about coming home up until now watching conference and going to the temple gave me heaps of answers I wasn't even looking for when I come home! But it also made me a little homesick it is weird! Still working hard and loving it but I think I am ready to come home!

I haven't heard from Primary’s. I did email Cheryl a while ago, I will just worry about it when I get home though because I am not sure what to do yet? I know I want to live in Salt Lake again and finish my Nursing but I know I will find a job so we will just see. Just trying to stay focused while I am still here!

Aunty Sally came down to visit TeAniwa and Sonny this weekend and on her way back up north she stopped and said hi! It was soooo good to see her it is seriously indescribable how happy I am when I see the people I love!

It is starting to get really cold here and rains all the time!! I am getting tired of the cloudy days! With that said a family trip to Bryce Canyon would be the best thing ever!! Time is going sooooo fast! And I love you all!!

Love Sister Miggin

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