Saturday, May 31, 2014

Short and Sweet

Dearest Family-


I miss you all very much! The work is rolling right along here in Cambridge and we are teaching a bunch of people. Simon is still doing very well and was finally brave enough to come to church and he stayed for the whole three hours!! We still have not found anyone that could interpret in the entire Hamilton area we are still hoping and praying it would make the teaching so much faster and easier. It was funny though he took us out and showed us his motorcycle the other day and he knows I like them so I went over to rev the engine and it was so loud Sister Finau grasped Melinda in fright. It was hilarious we all laughed at her for like ten minutes! We went and watched Sole play rugby during our lunch time on Saturday for a bit to. It is still sad not to be able to have lessons anymore but he is still staying pretty strong and we are still hoping for a miracle. Anyway my mind is kind of blank today this week has been a blur of craziness but I hope you are all well I love and miss you!


Love Sister Miggin

The baby is a girl we work with named Simone she is two weeks old in that picture soooooo precious!

Us hitting up the bike riding!

Elder Mangakahia from Austrailia and Elder Sagato from Samoa hit a bird on the way to District meeting....... MMm Gross!!

And this car we passed by made me think of that show with The European guy that drives mom nuts he was always fixing up funny little cars like this!

Sole's Rugby game he is the one in the middle.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Kia Ora Family!
I am glad to hear everyone is alive and not smooshed on the side of the road (aka DAD!) I am glad that the angels are protecting you guys like I ask everyday! Things are wonderful here! They took our car to get fixed this week though and so we have been biking on average like 20 miles a day woot woot! Only problem is it is cold and rainy so needless to say I have the sniffles and feel kinda poopy but like they say "let us all press on in the work of the Lord.."


Simon is getting baptized on JUNE 28! He came to a baptism last night for an eight year old in the Branch and he loved it. We had multiple investigators there and Elder and Sister Goodman were indespensible in helping us with them because it takes a lot of time to communicate with Simon. He doesnt understand a lot but he likes coming to things because he can watch and he is still feeling the spirit. And its fun to watch people change. The first couple things he came to he was in jeans and a coat and hat and last night he had on a button up and a suit coat with his jeans. I have noticed that you can slowly watch peoples conversions through the way the dress. Some of the members that grew up members try to tell them what to wear but I like to watch them slowly do it on their own its like you are watching their heart change outwardly in how they worship and feel!:)  PS Melinda that we have been taking over to his lessons is so wonderful as well. And ;) he likes her so my match making skills are back in session woot woot!

Also we had a little but wonderful miracle this week.. one night we were walking down the street to an appointment and we ran into Sole. It was so good to see him and talk to him face to face instead of on the phone. He is still holding in strong reading his scriptures and praying, but his family has still not talked to him.:( He is still in our prayers!

Something that I learned this week in preach my gospel was in the Christlike Attributes chapter. As I was reading it and studying and trying to apply it this week, I took the little quiz at the end of the chapter. I haven't taken it since the first month I was out and it was fun to see that I have progressed quite a bit! Also by studying this chapter I have come to realize even more so what it means to be a disciple of Christ. This one night as we were planning this week our next door neighbors were having a party they had laughed at us as we walked home and while we were sitting there I looked at the picture of the Savior and had a massive realization. That those people out there must think I am completely crazy. To leave my family, my job, my friends...not to party, and drink, and date... to go out rain or shine and talk  to heaps of people that don't usually want to talk to me. And then as I stared into the Saviors eyes I thought about it from my point of view. How could I not come? When he did everything for me. How could I stay inside when it is raining in case I find someone who is starving spiritually. How could I not leave my family when I know how blessed they will be if I serve faithfully. How could I break his commandments when he gave them to me to save my soul for no personal gain for himself. How lucky am I to know my Savior personally, to talk with him in a two way conversation on a daily basis. How lucky am I to know that I will be with my family forever and someday when I make a family of my own they will be sealed to me forever. How lucky am I? And as I looked at the picture of my Savior and could hear them partying outside I have never been so happy to be me and to be different and to know who I am, a daughter of God, and even though I make many mistakes everyday I know my Savior and he knows I am trying and that I love him. I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 

Any way that is most of the good stuff! Sorry I forgot my camera today on my bed so I will have to send pictures next week of all the mischief we got up to. Please be safe and careful!! I love you and miss you all!

Love Sister Miggin

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

So Family, 

First ,Sole didn’t get baptized. I cried and cried and cried and cried.... and then some more. But we are still praying for a miracle. So last week I told you that his family disowned him and he is still willing to get baptized but then the people he is boarding with don’t like Mormons and threatened to kick him out and started causing problems with his rugby coach which led to his coach threatening to kick him off the team and send him back to Tonga. He called us crying. None of us know what to do so we just keep praying. The adversary really pulled out all the stops on this one!! Anyway I will keep you updated. If I write to much more about it ill be sobbing in the library and we don’t want that, please pray for him.

 Next we are teaching a guy named Simon. He is completely deaf and so I am now also learning New Zealand Sign Language along with Tongan. And holy moly its hard work getting ready for each lesson!! But we took him to the temple yesterday for a fireside at the visitor center and he loved it. We cannot find anyone to interpret for him but when we talked with him after he told us he can feel it in his heart. I feel bad that he cannot understand anything in church or the meetings and I wish there was a better way to help him understand so we are working on it. All we can do for now is teach Sunday School and write everything on the board and watch movies with subtitles. If anyone has any better ideas please send an email with them we can use all the help we can get.  

We are teaching some other people but not too much progression yet. We are still happy and loving it here in Cambridge! And I am pretty professional at eating vegetables now I can hardly believe it! I ate a cabbage stir fry the other day and a whole bowl of peas and carrots! CHAMPION!  Love you all and have a very HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! 

Love Sister Miggin

First Transfer.

Kia Ora Family!!
I have heaps of news this week! First I GOT TRANSFERED!!! I am now serving in the Cambridge Branch in the Temple View Zone just 30 minutes south of Hamilton! I LOVE IT! My new companion is Sister Finau. She is from Tonga and she is the best!! Cool story.... On our temple trip a couple of weeks ago I sat next to her in our meeting in the Visitors Center with her and had a little chat with her but didn’t think much of it. But she is such a faithful sister and she was getting nervous for transfers and had prayed in the temple to know who her new companion would be. When she was in the Visitor’s Center she felt that the next person to sit next to her would be her companion. Guess who sat next to her... This girl – ha ha. When they announced in her zone, who everyone’s new companions were, they forgot my name.  Sister Goodman a senior sister, got out the book with our pictures and told Sister Finau to pick her new companion off the page I was on and she pointed right at me and said is that my new companion. Well the story spread around at transfer meeting and everyone was talking about us.  It was crazy. We were totally meant to be companions in this area and I am very excited and happy to be here!
Leaving Pukekohe was one of the most heart wrenching and hard things I have done so far on the mission I will miss those people so much. They showered me with love and gifts as I left for my new home and I will miss them until we meet again! Shanti and Kavita did something that I think you all should know about though. We went over to say goodbye on Wednesday and when we got there they had a new Kitten. I asked them about their new little kitty and they said they bought it and named it after me, and they made sure it was a white kitty I am sure you will be glad to know dad.  Ha ha ha.
I almost died laughing so yes there is now a kitty in the world named Sister Miggin and it lives in Pukekohe New Zealand:) I love my Pukekohe family!  
Sister Finau and I are loving it here in Cambridge and we laugh all the time! Couple funny stories … When we were companion studying this week, she was trying to pronounce Capable and she kept saying K-Bubbles. It was hilarious and needless to say I now call her K-Bubbles ha ha  Next funny thing was I kept saying I need to go "potty" without knowing it and she kept saying I need to go to the Party? I asked her if it was an island thing because Sister Isnard used to call it the Party too, and she goes "No thats what you call it!" haha so without knowing it I have officially taught two of my companions to refer to going to the restroom as going to the Party. haha 
As far as teaching goes it is amazing! This Saturday we have a baptism his name is Sole. He is here on a rugby scholarship from Tonga and he is 15 years old. I could talk about his spirit and strength forever but I will just tell a brief little paragraph instead. Sole has been taking the discussions and the day I got her he had been emailing his parents and shared his testimony with them. They told him to do whatever he wants and that he is no longer a part of their family. He has officially been shunned by his family and when we met with him my first night here he cried and bore the most powerful testimony and prayed in Tongan. I could not understand what he was saying but the spirit was so strong that the language barrier had no influence. He is still preparing for baptism and is willing to give up everything to follow Christ. I feel so blessed to be a part of his life and conversion now. And good news my Tongan has literally grown heaps just this week. I just asked my companion how it is and she said that I have gone from a 0 to a 5 and even though I still don’t hardly understand what they are saying when I teach in Tongan they understand almost everything I say.  
I love you all so much and wish I had more time to write! But I pray for you everyday and can feel all your prayers so thank you so much!! 
OFA-ATU(I love you in Tongan)
 Love Sister Miggin
Sister Finau

Saying goodbye to the Tuipalas and Sister Filou


Saying goodbye to Shanti and Kavita

Wikaira Family

Sister Finau

learning Tongan

The cat named Sister Miggin

Tangi Fmaily

So she wrecked the car. I wish we were surprised.