Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

So Family, 

First ,Sole didn’t get baptized. I cried and cried and cried and cried.... and then some more. But we are still praying for a miracle. So last week I told you that his family disowned him and he is still willing to get baptized but then the people he is boarding with don’t like Mormons and threatened to kick him out and started causing problems with his rugby coach which led to his coach threatening to kick him off the team and send him back to Tonga. He called us crying. None of us know what to do so we just keep praying. The adversary really pulled out all the stops on this one!! Anyway I will keep you updated. If I write to much more about it ill be sobbing in the library and we don’t want that, please pray for him.

 Next we are teaching a guy named Simon. He is completely deaf and so I am now also learning New Zealand Sign Language along with Tongan. And holy moly its hard work getting ready for each lesson!! But we took him to the temple yesterday for a fireside at the visitor center and he loved it. We cannot find anyone to interpret for him but when we talked with him after he told us he can feel it in his heart. I feel bad that he cannot understand anything in church or the meetings and I wish there was a better way to help him understand so we are working on it. All we can do for now is teach Sunday School and write everything on the board and watch movies with subtitles. If anyone has any better ideas please send an email with them we can use all the help we can get.  

We are teaching some other people but not too much progression yet. We are still happy and loving it here in Cambridge! And I am pretty professional at eating vegetables now I can hardly believe it! I ate a cabbage stir fry the other day and a whole bowl of peas and carrots! CHAMPION!  Love you all and have a very HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! 

Love Sister Miggin

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