Saturday, May 31, 2014

Short and Sweet

Dearest Family-


I miss you all very much! The work is rolling right along here in Cambridge and we are teaching a bunch of people. Simon is still doing very well and was finally brave enough to come to church and he stayed for the whole three hours!! We still have not found anyone that could interpret in the entire Hamilton area we are still hoping and praying it would make the teaching so much faster and easier. It was funny though he took us out and showed us his motorcycle the other day and he knows I like them so I went over to rev the engine and it was so loud Sister Finau grasped Melinda in fright. It was hilarious we all laughed at her for like ten minutes! We went and watched Sole play rugby during our lunch time on Saturday for a bit to. It is still sad not to be able to have lessons anymore but he is still staying pretty strong and we are still hoping for a miracle. Anyway my mind is kind of blank today this week has been a blur of craziness but I hope you are all well I love and miss you!


Love Sister Miggin

The baby is a girl we work with named Simone she is two weeks old in that picture soooooo precious!

Us hitting up the bike riding!

Elder Mangakahia from Austrailia and Elder Sagato from Samoa hit a bird on the way to District meeting....... MMm Gross!!

And this car we passed by made me think of that show with The European guy that drives mom nuts he was always fixing up funny little cars like this!

Sole's Rugby game he is the one in the middle.

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