Tuesday, February 10, 2015

" For it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak" - Matt 10:19

February 8, 2015
Hey Family!

It’s been a good week! We found another really keen family to teach this week and the Family of 10 that we found last week is doing awesome to! Its transfers this week so we will find out tomorrow what is happening. My camera broke this week to!:( So I am hoping to find something that will charge my purple camera from back home wish me luck!!
Ok this week we had a really good lesson with a couple of our less actives. The moms name is Trish and the daughter is Krystal. We went over and were having a lesson with them and we were talking about the book of Mormon. I had a really strong impression to share my experience about the first time I read the Book of Mormon and what was going on at that time in my life and how it helped me. I had shared a little bit about what was going on with me in Jr. High at the time and Trish told me that her daughters were dealing with similar things like people not being nice to them. We were all in tears and they committed to start reading the book of Mormon and have been reading every day this week:) I love when that happens and the spirit puts just the right words in your mouth when you need them to help others it was a really good lesson!

 The Tongan is coming alright but still hard! I hope you all had a great week!


Darn Banana Allergy

Malo e Lelei Family!!

It has been an awesome week! We had a lot happen this week for basically the first time this transfer, so I was pumped!!

First some funny stories though!! So we were running low on food this week and bless dinner appointments! One of the sweet sisters was really busy the night she had us so she just dropped it off at our flat and with the delicious chop sewey she brought a big beautiful cake. We ate our dinner and were so excited for desert I got a knife and started cutting it and of course..... IT WAS BANANA CAKE!!! STINK! Needless to say I didn't get to eat any and Sister Vasi got to enjoy the whole thing by herself it was depressing lol

Next funny story the other night we were on our beds and couldn't sleep and Sister Vasi wasn't feeling very good and I had the giggles like crazy. But she was just kidding and asked me to sing her a song and I started singing "Soft Kitty" from the big bang theory which I didn't even know I remembered that song it was just the first dumb thing that popped in my head and she had never heard it before and almost died laughing and now she has been trying to sing it around the flat but she doesn't know the words and this morning she sang "Big Kitty, fat kitty.." And I almost died it was so funny!!!

We had interviews with our mission president this week on Thursday and it was really good. Apparently mine was really long but President and I were chatting it up like old friends it was funny. In my interview I started to tear up at one point and I was all President where are the tissues and he was running around the bishops office looking for them and I was like "who interviews sisters without a tissue box?" and we both started cracking up. We just talked about our mission experiences so far and about what I am going to do after my mission a bit. It was cool to talk to him. It was funny to though cause after I had only sat down for about a minute he was all "Sister your almost out of time.." and you know my air heady self was like "Really I didn't know these were timed as I was looking around for a clock.." and he goes "No not the interview your mission..haha" It was funny.

On Saturday we had an 8yr old baptism in our ward that we went to and Bishop Tangi and his wife Ana were there. He was my Bishop when I served in Pukekohe my first area. It was so fun to catch up and here how everyone is doing there. They said that Shanti is doing well still and yesterday was one year since her baptism I cant believe it was that long ago!

Yesterday at church Bishop Higgins and his family from Ngaruawahia came to our ward for a baby blessing to so it was a weekend of Bishops it was really fun to see them again! It reminds me of just how much I have loved serving here and all the different people I have loved.

And yesterday work wise we were walking in the rain! IT WAS LOVELY!! It has been so tropical and hot here lately we have been dying! But we were contacting people out of our area book and talking to people on the street yesterday and we found 12 new investigators!! AMAZING MIRACLE!! That has never happened my whole mission! I think it is everyones prayers back home because my Tongan has come a long way to I even started making sentences this week!

Well I love you all heaps!!

Love Sister Miggin

She is COMING HOME!!!!

Dear Sister Miggin

Because your visa will expire before 16 June, 2015 your release date has been changed to 5 May 2015. Our mission release dates are set by the Church Mission Department and we have to abide by them.

Regards and love

Sister Marsden

Got a Sunburn!

> Hey Family!!
> It was a good week here! We found some new investigators this week and got a really good sunburn walking everywhere and knocking on heaps of doors but all good! My Tongan has gotten so much better this week!! I still can’t make sentences but my vocabulary is getting pretty big so I usually know what is going on and what people are saying to me and I can communicate back a little bit! Way better than last week and the Tongan Elders said that I am learning super-fast so that is encouraging. This week is kind of a blur because we just did the same thing every day pretty much and it was hot everyday no rain these days it weird!
> Sorry such a short letter this week but sister Vasi and I can’t think of anything I will look in my journal next week before I come.  lol
> Love You Heaps!!

Love Sister Miggin