Wednesday, January 29, 2014

GET FLEA'S QUICK: A one step process so easy you won't realize you've done it.

Kia Ora Family~
This week has been another week of miracles! I found out that one of the kids from work passed away during emails last Monday and it was really hard for me. Leaving my job and the patients I love taking care of became extra real this week. I cried a lot and then decided to just work even harder to get it off my mind. This was one of the most successful weeks we have had all transfer.
Meet Nutsy. The flea ridden puppy.
First story of the week. FLEAS!! So I am not always the sharpest tool in the shed, my mom sometimes like to call me a dingbat. Well I had a dingy moment this week for sure. There was a lost puppy following us around and so of course I picked it up and named it Nutsy. We called the Thompsons (The nicest Less Actives EVER they are one of my favorite families) for animal controls phone number and he said to just bring the puppy over and he would call. We got there and their daughter Jenna took the puppy and we figured out it had fleas. I FREAKED OUT! After about three shampoos and washing my clothes twice I am happy to say I am flea free. Moral of the story don't pick up stray dogs no matter how cute they are!
Other news this week Transfers are on Thursday. I don't know if I will be transferred or not so I will keep you updated and next week I may be somewhere new guess we will see. I hope not because on Saturday Shanti is getting baptized! I am so excited she has been such a miracle!
One of the biggest miracles we had this week was Teno and her partner Garrison and daughter Zaimayah all went down to the visitors center with us this week. They were able to come on just one nights notice, and it ended up being wonderful! That was by far the most interested Garrison has ever been (He usually just teases us when we come over and asks if he can get us some holy water.) He asked TONS of questions and a lot about getting married in the temple. Teno kept talking about how beautiful it was and when she gets baptized and goes to the temple... And she kept saying to Garrison "When you get baptized..." I have seen the most amazing change in her more than anyone I have ever met. She is working so hard to quit smoking and drinking. I love her her so much! She bears her testimony to us every time we see her and last night when she was talking about how she knows in her heart that it is true I started to tear up. She also called her mom yesterday to tell her about the temple trip and all about what she has been learning and doing. What a blessing for me to enjoy. I am so grateful to be here on my mission and get to enjoy so many of God's great miracles first hand.
Yesterday in church I had to speak on member missionary work. It is so important. Knocking on all the doors is not the best way to find people it is definitely through the members. I would like to share a little bit of my talk with you and challenge you all to try to share the gospel with just one person this week.
"Every day we have the privilege to enjoy Christ’s gospel in our lives. We know of Christ’s miraculous atonement and the ability to be with our families after this life. As members of this church we have the ability to walk with hope in every step... Everyone will not accept our message, but we have been asked by the Prophet of God to share it. To share it with those we associate with to invite others to come unto Christ and enjoy the blessings and hope of this gospel... Christ promised "And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my father."... In True to the Faith it says "You can pray for opportunities to tell others about the restored gospel. Then you can be alert, because many people yearn for the truth." Share what you know, with those you are close to. Give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the gospel that so richly blesses your life... In D&C 123:12 it says that they "are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it." If you are searching for someone and prepared to share what you know you can help them know where to find the happiness they have been looking for...Heaven is not so far away, and God has hastened his missionary work not only with full time missionaries but by asking every member to get involved with the mission of bringing souls unto Christ... Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve apostles said "Be ready to give an answer to those who ask why you live as you do. Be ready to give a reason for the hope and joy they see in you. When such questions come you might respond by saying "Lets ask the missionaries they can help us! And if you desire, I will be at your side as the missionaries respond and teach you."...Share the gospel you and your family enjoy every day and you will be blessed."
I hope everything is good on the cold home front New Zealand is wonderful! LOVE YOU!!
  Sister Miggin
This was my favorite picture of Sister Pearce and Sister Holmes I couldnt remember if I sent it to you so I thought I would send it again it always makes me laugh. Oh Slappy Hands

Everything in New Zealand is Jimmy-Rigged

Me and my favorite chair! This is where we study 3 hours a day!!

Elder Otto and our next door neighbor Dante. He is the cutest three year old he always says HI GIRLS every time we come home and this week he got a new basketball he was super excited to show us

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Todd the Cop

Kia Ora Family!!!

Sister Pearce got transferred. It is just Sister Holmes and I in Pukekohe now and oh man it is great! Our Companionship Unity is out of control. We have worked soooo hard this week. We tried calculating our miles in two days and it was over 30 miles! I have crazy blisters and a calf cramp to show for it. haha

  The day after transfers we had a huge miracle though. Anne finally told her dad about her decision to be baptized the day before she left for Samoa on vacation with James family. And we were supposed to meet with her that night but while we were walking out to Karaka we looked up and someone had pulled over. I told Sister Holmes that it looked like Anne's car and it was. Apparently she had decided to just leave that night instead (must have been a rough talk with her dad:( ) and we wouldn't have been able to see her before she left. It was such a blessing for us and I hope it was for her to! Sometimes God has missionaries walk 15 miles for one person. That is how important we are to him and I think that is pretty amazing!

  During that same miracle I learned the value of obedience. We had already probably walked 7 miles (So before Anne pulled over) and this  cop pulled over and said he felt bad and asked if he could just give us a ride to the nearest gas station which was probably another 3 miles away. Both of our initial reactions was yes, and then we remembered even if its a cop on duty we were not allowed to ride with just a male in the car, so as crazy as he thought we were, and as tired as we were we turned him away. I will forever be grateful for the kind heart of Todd the Cop though. So we kept walking not even a mile later was when Anne pulled over to offer us a ride! Miracles come through obedience!

  We have had a few more scares with dogs. Sister Holmes makes fun of me constantly because every time one jumps out growling or snarling at us I scream like a little girl lol We have been blessed to just back away slowly every time though and no harm no foul. Which is super lucky there are some huge as dogs here!!

   I ate a Tongan dish called Lu this week to! I actually loved it! It is Corn beef cooked inside a taro leaf. The Fivas family cooked it for us I will attach some pictures of them. Their family is awesome! And every time we leave their kids Niko and Lana want to race me to the end of the drive while sweet Sister Holmes holds my bag haha super hilarious! The members found a new love for the missionaries this week I think. We have a dinner every single night for the next two weeks and people are now offering to feed us lunches because our dinner schedule is full. I love it!! I'm going to get fat!
Love, Sister Miggin
I was trying to jog off one of my calf cramps and Sister Holmes thought it was really funny so she took a picture
and then this is on one of our long walks and the guy at the dairy gave me a whole bag of free gummy worms! YUM!

This is the Favai's that cooked Lu for us. Their dad had to leave before we took pictures but they are great!! In the top picture is Lana and Niko the ones that like to race me down the driveway.

My Zone leaders Elder Brann in the picture with me and Elder Terry with the football. Both representing America both are from England

Lyndsi's Flat. (how very un American to call an apartment a flat)

Below are the pictures of Lyndsi's current residence.




Garage with the tiny washer and dryer

Eating all her vegetables!

Kia Ora Family,
Oh the work is good. CRAZY CRAZY Week though!
Tenou is progressing amazingly. She is in Chapter 8 of the Book of Mormon now and is praying everyday. She tells us about how all of her prayers are being answered now and she is doing really well on quitting smoking and drinking. I love her so much she builds my testimony every time I speak with her.
Sante is still coming to church every Sunday and looks forward to our visits I think we are going to ask her to get baptized this week!!:) Anne the sweet 19 year old girl we found on the little country road that I asked to get baptized last week is still a miracle girl. Her parents are so against her getting baptized but she is determined! I told her about Grandpa Miggin's parents that were Catholic and how hard it was for him to go against his parents. She texts us every day asking for more scriptures to read and she loves the gospel so much it is mind boggling!
On to the crazy stories I was attacked by a dog this week!! We went through this gate while tracting and knocked on the door and a big huge pit-bull came running out and barking and growling at us with his fangs hanging out. Before you freak out mom the Lord totally protected us:) It was so scary and as we all slowly sneaked out of the yard with him barking and snarling at us the whole time it was like someone was holding back til we were through the gate and right as we shut it before we even locked it, it was like someone let him go cause he went nuts running and biting/snapping and trying to jump over the gate to get us! We were soooo blessed!!
Also you can all be proud. I ate a HEAPING bowl of peas at someones house. EVERY BITE! I have never done that in my entire life because I HATE PEAS.... well most vegetables. But they didn't even have a taste, Prayer works even when it is just to eat some vegetables!
I absolutely love it here in Pukekohe the more I get to know the people of this area the more I love it. I think now that people are getting to know us and like us more I am going to start gaining more weight.AHHHH. Members or Nonmembers everyone that likes you feeds you!
We also went over to this less active families house and power washed the moss off, and folded some laundry. It was so fun and they are amazing, they always make us laugh and feed us!
 I hope things are good at home! I love and miss you all, thanks for the prayers and the support! XOXO
Sister Miggin
This is the missionaries of Pukekohe 2nd Ward at the beach: Elder Hester, Elder Otto, Sister Pearce, and Sister Holmes

Me and my trainer Sister Holmes and The black sands beach outside of Waiuku in our area

 At the beach
One of the many gorgeous flowers

I got a free Indian outfit at the Opshop. The lady said no one ever buys them and I really wanted the Indian pants so she just gave them to me for free!!! LEGIT!

an object lesson with the Howards one of our less active families

Jazz our investigator cooked us a real Indian dinner this week sooo good.

And the other picture is Moana she is the one we did service for this week I love her and her sisters they are WONDERFUL!!
Soana, Moana's sister. They are my favorite!!

This is the street I live on. It is called Kayes Road in Pukekohe. Apparently its the scariest road in Pukekhoe because everyone FREAKS out when the find out that is where we live

ter Holmes climbing in the Bamboo, and she found a cool flower... LOVE TRACTING!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cheap Fruit and Duck Bones

 Hello Friends and Family,

Thank you for your continued support of Little Lily White. I'm bad with dates but I think she has already been doing this for like over a month now! Time flies right. I hope you have had a chance to shoot Lyndsi an email ( I know she has loved hearing from everyone. 

Below is her update complete with pictures. 

Lyndsi found the cheap fruit that we had been told about. Apparently people set it out and if you want some you just leave some money for what you take. Super cool!

                      Some cows. Honestly that is all the information she gave me for this picture. LOL

                        Sister Holmes found some duck bones while the girls were out tracting. EW.

"Me and Sister Lamourex. She is the one we did exchanges with that I just love to pieces I feel like I have known her forever."
These are wild flowers that grow everywhere. B-E-A-Utiful.
Kia Ora Family,

I miss you all so much! But this week has been loads of fun on the mission! For New Years Eve we had mission conference, with all 201 missionaries now serving in the Hamilton Mission. I got to see some of my friends from the MTC and from the Mission and it was so much fun! There is a lot of spirit in the room when you get that many missionaries singing and learning together it was a really cool experience. Also President Rudd asked us to rededicate our areas and he rededicated the entire mission for missionary work. So we did a dedication of our District, our Ward, and our Flats. It was really cool and it is fun to watch such young elders using their priesthood. 
From the All Mission Conference
Sister Lamoureux on the left and Sister Moore on the right
Roger Hamon explains origin of Hamon Bush
Sister Holmes and her old companions.
 Things have been better with my companions this week, mostly just because we gave up and decided to not let our other companion bug us so much but either way we are working together better and the miracles are starting to flow in like crazy!! Our investigator Tenou is making huge leaps she quit drinking and went from 20 cigarettes a day to 3. She wrote down her first prayer for us and let us read it at one of our lessons and it made me tear up. It was so sweet! And then Saturday night all our appointments fell through so we were trudging through the rain to knock on some doors and she must have seen us in the rain because she popped her head out of her house and had us come in to teach her to get us out of the rain. She also came to Sacrament yesterday and was so touched by the testimonies that she went home and read some of the Book of Mormon. She has been having a hard time understanding it so we had made an appointment that night to have scripture study with her and when we showed up she was so excited to see us. She is moving forward so much. We talked about baptism with her for the first time yesterday and she was kinda ify about it and said maybe in the future. Come to find out she thought getting baptized meant becoming a Sister missionary and giving up her job and stuff and she was still considering it haha I am glad we could clear it up for her because now she seems so much more open about it. Good thing the spirit discerned her problem with baptism because we never would have figured that one out :) Another one of our investigators Anne was our miracle from last week. She is the one we went back and knocked on her door and her dad said she was catholic and not to come back and her cousin chased after us down the road to come back. 
The road she was chased down.
We had our first lesson with her and I asked my first baptism commitment. I felt so strongly to do it but was scared I was going to screw it up. I guess I did alright because she is set for baptism on February 15!!!:) Her and her boyfriend James both came to church yesterday to and she said that her older sister is going to help her tell her dad about converting. She said her siblings are SUPER supportive which is such a blessing. And Sante that we told you about last week also the little lady from Fiji came to church again also. She is progressing and her daughter that she lives with has started reading the Book of Mormon also. We had 3 of the less active families show up to church this week also. The work is moving forward and so wonderful. Even when I have rough moments now I feel so blessed. And I know that after 8 hours of walking in the hot fields, or rain pouring on us that it is all worth it. I love these people with all my heart and like President Brandt said in my blessing I feel like I knew these people before. I appreciate all your prayers I have needed them and they have given me strength. Please tell Kali, Aunt Sandra and Chad thank you for the Christmas cards I just got them and thank you for their love and support! I hope you all have a great week!

With Love,
Sister Miggin

So much hard work and she is seeing some success too! 

Please keep Lyndsi in your prayers and I will keep you updated on her progress. 

Love, Nicole

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lyndsi's Christmas 2013

This was the table setting for Lyndsi's Christmas. Not bad right?

 This was the beautiful spread. This picture makes me think about two things. #1- I ate a gas station burrito on Christmas Day.........enough said. #2- the lovely lady who put this all together should have her own blog. Because seriously that is laid out to perfection!

 On Christmas Day Lyndsi and her companions went caroling with the Elders. Apparently there was an actual Baptist Choir going around at the same time as them. Lyndsi said the Baptists sounded much better then the missionaries. So the missionaries went in the opposite direction as the baptist choir, so as not to be compared with the good singers. Even though they weren't very good singers all the kids in the neighborhood started following them from house to house as they sang. The kids even came up with a dance to do while they sang!

 She said people in New Zealand react much better to caroling than people in Utah. They come out on the porch with you and they dance and sing along. And when you are finished they always want another song! They pretty much have a little lawn party. (In our defense it is freezing cold outside when carolers show up on our doorstep! I think inviting them in is the best we can  muster in these frigid temperatures. ha ha)

 This is Ernie Jackson. Lyndsi says they run into him almost everyday while she and her companions are out tracting. She said that he rides his scooter around all day because he is lonely. His wife passed away three weeks ago. She keeps hoping that he will actually show up at church. She says they always invite him. (I think we need to hook him up with a little flag or something for his scoot. Maybe some tassels for the handles?)
 This is Lyndsi hard at working killing flies! She said "There are flies everywhere I killed one with my shoe and then took off the other shoe and killed another one! Double Wammy!!"

This is Lyndsi's message for the week. Enjoy

 We have some new investigators and the miracles in the work never seem to cease. The biggest one this week was a sweet little lady from Fiji named Santie. She invited us right in when we knocked on our door. She soaked in everything we said to her and then she asked to come to church. She was ready at eight thirty in the morning on Sunday when we came to get her. She sat through all three hours of church, asked about activities going on in the ward. Asked us to learn more about the church, and said that she would be at church next Sunday as well. All three of us are basically speechless about the whole thing! Its super crazy!! I love being a missionary though even the people that turn us away or some of the less active members will open up and will talk about their whole life story with us. I love listening to all their different stories and being able to try to help them with the gospel.

And tell Ashley (this is my roommate) I am so sorry about her mom passing away I hope she knows how much she is loved, and I will keep her in my prayers. 

And I am so excited for Kali and BJ that is so wonderful! (My Mom told her that Kali and BJ were sealed to their adopted daughter Brooklyn. We are all so excited!)

I miss you and love you all!!

Some pretty exciting stuff happening in New Zealand right now. I have to say this, because I'm sure so many of you can relate, but I miss Lyndsi everyday! If she were gone for any lesser reason I would insist that she come home immediately! But as you can see she is in the right place and is serving God, so it is worth the missing. 

Please keep her in your prayers and I will keep you updated on her progress. 

Love, Nicole