Wednesday, January 29, 2014

GET FLEA'S QUICK: A one step process so easy you won't realize you've done it.

Kia Ora Family~
This week has been another week of miracles! I found out that one of the kids from work passed away during emails last Monday and it was really hard for me. Leaving my job and the patients I love taking care of became extra real this week. I cried a lot and then decided to just work even harder to get it off my mind. This was one of the most successful weeks we have had all transfer.
Meet Nutsy. The flea ridden puppy.
First story of the week. FLEAS!! So I am not always the sharpest tool in the shed, my mom sometimes like to call me a dingbat. Well I had a dingy moment this week for sure. There was a lost puppy following us around and so of course I picked it up and named it Nutsy. We called the Thompsons (The nicest Less Actives EVER they are one of my favorite families) for animal controls phone number and he said to just bring the puppy over and he would call. We got there and their daughter Jenna took the puppy and we figured out it had fleas. I FREAKED OUT! After about three shampoos and washing my clothes twice I am happy to say I am flea free. Moral of the story don't pick up stray dogs no matter how cute they are!
Other news this week Transfers are on Thursday. I don't know if I will be transferred or not so I will keep you updated and next week I may be somewhere new guess we will see. I hope not because on Saturday Shanti is getting baptized! I am so excited she has been such a miracle!
One of the biggest miracles we had this week was Teno and her partner Garrison and daughter Zaimayah all went down to the visitors center with us this week. They were able to come on just one nights notice, and it ended up being wonderful! That was by far the most interested Garrison has ever been (He usually just teases us when we come over and asks if he can get us some holy water.) He asked TONS of questions and a lot about getting married in the temple. Teno kept talking about how beautiful it was and when she gets baptized and goes to the temple... And she kept saying to Garrison "When you get baptized..." I have seen the most amazing change in her more than anyone I have ever met. She is working so hard to quit smoking and drinking. I love her her so much! She bears her testimony to us every time we see her and last night when she was talking about how she knows in her heart that it is true I started to tear up. She also called her mom yesterday to tell her about the temple trip and all about what she has been learning and doing. What a blessing for me to enjoy. I am so grateful to be here on my mission and get to enjoy so many of God's great miracles first hand.
Yesterday in church I had to speak on member missionary work. It is so important. Knocking on all the doors is not the best way to find people it is definitely through the members. I would like to share a little bit of my talk with you and challenge you all to try to share the gospel with just one person this week.
"Every day we have the privilege to enjoy Christ’s gospel in our lives. We know of Christ’s miraculous atonement and the ability to be with our families after this life. As members of this church we have the ability to walk with hope in every step... Everyone will not accept our message, but we have been asked by the Prophet of God to share it. To share it with those we associate with to invite others to come unto Christ and enjoy the blessings and hope of this gospel... Christ promised "And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my father."... In True to the Faith it says "You can pray for opportunities to tell others about the restored gospel. Then you can be alert, because many people yearn for the truth." Share what you know, with those you are close to. Give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the gospel that so richly blesses your life... In D&C 123:12 it says that they "are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it." If you are searching for someone and prepared to share what you know you can help them know where to find the happiness they have been looking for...Heaven is not so far away, and God has hastened his missionary work not only with full time missionaries but by asking every member to get involved with the mission of bringing souls unto Christ... Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve apostles said "Be ready to give an answer to those who ask why you live as you do. Be ready to give a reason for the hope and joy they see in you. When such questions come you might respond by saying "Lets ask the missionaries they can help us! And if you desire, I will be at your side as the missionaries respond and teach you."...Share the gospel you and your family enjoy every day and you will be blessed."
I hope everything is good on the cold home front New Zealand is wonderful! LOVE YOU!!
  Sister Miggin
This was my favorite picture of Sister Pearce and Sister Holmes I couldnt remember if I sent it to you so I thought I would send it again it always makes me laugh. Oh Slappy Hands

Everything in New Zealand is Jimmy-Rigged

Me and my favorite chair! This is where we study 3 hours a day!!

Elder Otto and our next door neighbor Dante. He is the cutest three year old he always says HI GIRLS every time we come home and this week he got a new basketball he was super excited to show us

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