Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Eating all her vegetables!

Kia Ora Family,
Oh the work is good. CRAZY CRAZY Week though!
Tenou is progressing amazingly. She is in Chapter 8 of the Book of Mormon now and is praying everyday. She tells us about how all of her prayers are being answered now and she is doing really well on quitting smoking and drinking. I love her so much she builds my testimony every time I speak with her.
Sante is still coming to church every Sunday and looks forward to our visits I think we are going to ask her to get baptized this week!!:) Anne the sweet 19 year old girl we found on the little country road that I asked to get baptized last week is still a miracle girl. Her parents are so against her getting baptized but she is determined! I told her about Grandpa Miggin's parents that were Catholic and how hard it was for him to go against his parents. She texts us every day asking for more scriptures to read and she loves the gospel so much it is mind boggling!
On to the crazy stories I was attacked by a dog this week!! We went through this gate while tracting and knocked on the door and a big huge pit-bull came running out and barking and growling at us with his fangs hanging out. Before you freak out mom the Lord totally protected us:) It was so scary and as we all slowly sneaked out of the yard with him barking and snarling at us the whole time it was like someone was holding back til we were through the gate and right as we shut it before we even locked it, it was like someone let him go cause he went nuts running and biting/snapping and trying to jump over the gate to get us! We were soooo blessed!!
Also you can all be proud. I ate a HEAPING bowl of peas at someones house. EVERY BITE! I have never done that in my entire life because I HATE PEAS.... well most vegetables. But they didn't even have a taste, Prayer works even when it is just to eat some vegetables!
I absolutely love it here in Pukekohe the more I get to know the people of this area the more I love it. I think now that people are getting to know us and like us more I am going to start gaining more weight.AHHHH. Members or Nonmembers everyone that likes you feeds you!
We also went over to this less active families house and power washed the moss off, and folded some laundry. It was so fun and they are amazing, they always make us laugh and feed us!
 I hope things are good at home! I love and miss you all, thanks for the prayers and the support! XOXO
Sister Miggin
This is the missionaries of Pukekohe 2nd Ward at the beach: Elder Hester, Elder Otto, Sister Pearce, and Sister Holmes

Me and my trainer Sister Holmes and The black sands beach outside of Waiuku in our area

 At the beach
One of the many gorgeous flowers

I got a free Indian outfit at the Opshop. The lady said no one ever buys them and I really wanted the Indian pants so she just gave them to me for free!!! LEGIT!

an object lesson with the Howards one of our less active families

Jazz our investigator cooked us a real Indian dinner this week sooo good.

And the other picture is Moana she is the one we did service for this week I love her and her sisters they are WONDERFUL!!
Soana, Moana's sister. They are my favorite!!

This is the street I live on. It is called Kayes Road in Pukekohe. Apparently its the scariest road in Pukekhoe because everyone FREAKS out when the find out that is where we live

ter Holmes climbing in the Bamboo, and she found a cool flower... LOVE TRACTING!

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