Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lyndsi's Christmas 2013

This was the table setting for Lyndsi's Christmas. Not bad right?

 This was the beautiful spread. This picture makes me think about two things. #1- I ate a gas station burrito on Christmas Day.........enough said. #2- the lovely lady who put this all together should have her own blog. Because seriously that is laid out to perfection!

 On Christmas Day Lyndsi and her companions went caroling with the Elders. Apparently there was an actual Baptist Choir going around at the same time as them. Lyndsi said the Baptists sounded much better then the missionaries. So the missionaries went in the opposite direction as the baptist choir, so as not to be compared with the good singers. Even though they weren't very good singers all the kids in the neighborhood started following them from house to house as they sang. The kids even came up with a dance to do while they sang!

 She said people in New Zealand react much better to caroling than people in Utah. They come out on the porch with you and they dance and sing along. And when you are finished they always want another song! They pretty much have a little lawn party. (In our defense it is freezing cold outside when carolers show up on our doorstep! I think inviting them in is the best we can  muster in these frigid temperatures. ha ha)

 This is Ernie Jackson. Lyndsi says they run into him almost everyday while she and her companions are out tracting. She said that he rides his scooter around all day because he is lonely. His wife passed away three weeks ago. She keeps hoping that he will actually show up at church. She says they always invite him. (I think we need to hook him up with a little flag or something for his scoot. Maybe some tassels for the handles?)
 This is Lyndsi hard at working killing flies! She said "There are flies everywhere I killed one with my shoe and then took off the other shoe and killed another one! Double Wammy!!"

This is Lyndsi's message for the week. Enjoy

 We have some new investigators and the miracles in the work never seem to cease. The biggest one this week was a sweet little lady from Fiji named Santie. She invited us right in when we knocked on our door. She soaked in everything we said to her and then she asked to come to church. She was ready at eight thirty in the morning on Sunday when we came to get her. She sat through all three hours of church, asked about activities going on in the ward. Asked us to learn more about the church, and said that she would be at church next Sunday as well. All three of us are basically speechless about the whole thing! Its super crazy!! I love being a missionary though even the people that turn us away or some of the less active members will open up and will talk about their whole life story with us. I love listening to all their different stories and being able to try to help them with the gospel.

And tell Ashley (this is my roommate) I am so sorry about her mom passing away I hope she knows how much she is loved, and I will keep her in my prayers. 

And I am so excited for Kali and BJ that is so wonderful! (My Mom told her that Kali and BJ were sealed to their adopted daughter Brooklyn. We are all so excited!)

I miss you and love you all!!

Some pretty exciting stuff happening in New Zealand right now. I have to say this, because I'm sure so many of you can relate, but I miss Lyndsi everyday! If she were gone for any lesser reason I would insist that she come home immediately! But as you can see she is in the right place and is serving God, so it is worth the missing. 

Please keep her in your prayers and I will keep you updated on her progress. 

Love, Nicole 

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