Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Todd the Cop

Kia Ora Family!!!

Sister Pearce got transferred. It is just Sister Holmes and I in Pukekohe now and oh man it is great! Our Companionship Unity is out of control. We have worked soooo hard this week. We tried calculating our miles in two days and it was over 30 miles! I have crazy blisters and a calf cramp to show for it. haha

  The day after transfers we had a huge miracle though. Anne finally told her dad about her decision to be baptized the day before she left for Samoa on vacation with James family. And we were supposed to meet with her that night but while we were walking out to Karaka we looked up and someone had pulled over. I told Sister Holmes that it looked like Anne's car and it was. Apparently she had decided to just leave that night instead (must have been a rough talk with her dad:( ) and we wouldn't have been able to see her before she left. It was such a blessing for us and I hope it was for her to! Sometimes God has missionaries walk 15 miles for one person. That is how important we are to him and I think that is pretty amazing!

  During that same miracle I learned the value of obedience. We had already probably walked 7 miles (So before Anne pulled over) and this  cop pulled over and said he felt bad and asked if he could just give us a ride to the nearest gas station which was probably another 3 miles away. Both of our initial reactions was yes, and then we remembered even if its a cop on duty we were not allowed to ride with just a male in the car, so as crazy as he thought we were, and as tired as we were we turned him away. I will forever be grateful for the kind heart of Todd the Cop though. So we kept walking not even a mile later was when Anne pulled over to offer us a ride! Miracles come through obedience!

  We have had a few more scares with dogs. Sister Holmes makes fun of me constantly because every time one jumps out growling or snarling at us I scream like a little girl lol We have been blessed to just back away slowly every time though and no harm no foul. Which is super lucky there are some huge as dogs here!!

   I ate a Tongan dish called Lu this week to! I actually loved it! It is Corn beef cooked inside a taro leaf. The Fivas family cooked it for us I will attach some pictures of them. Their family is awesome! And every time we leave their kids Niko and Lana want to race me to the end of the drive while sweet Sister Holmes holds my bag haha super hilarious! The members found a new love for the missionaries this week I think. We have a dinner every single night for the next two weeks and people are now offering to feed us lunches because our dinner schedule is full. I love it!! I'm going to get fat!
Love, Sister Miggin
I was trying to jog off one of my calf cramps and Sister Holmes thought it was really funny so she took a picture
and then this is on one of our long walks and the guy at the dairy gave me a whole bag of free gummy worms! YUM!

This is the Favai's that cooked Lu for us. Their dad had to leave before we took pictures but they are great!! In the top picture is Lana and Niko the ones that like to race me down the driveway.

My Zone leaders Elder Brann in the picture with me and Elder Terry with the football. Both representing America both are from England

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