Monday, May 12, 2014

First Transfer.

Kia Ora Family!!
I have heaps of news this week! First I GOT TRANSFERED!!! I am now serving in the Cambridge Branch in the Temple View Zone just 30 minutes south of Hamilton! I LOVE IT! My new companion is Sister Finau. She is from Tonga and she is the best!! Cool story.... On our temple trip a couple of weeks ago I sat next to her in our meeting in the Visitors Center with her and had a little chat with her but didn’t think much of it. But she is such a faithful sister and she was getting nervous for transfers and had prayed in the temple to know who her new companion would be. When she was in the Visitor’s Center she felt that the next person to sit next to her would be her companion. Guess who sat next to her... This girl – ha ha. When they announced in her zone, who everyone’s new companions were, they forgot my name.  Sister Goodman a senior sister, got out the book with our pictures and told Sister Finau to pick her new companion off the page I was on and she pointed right at me and said is that my new companion. Well the story spread around at transfer meeting and everyone was talking about us.  It was crazy. We were totally meant to be companions in this area and I am very excited and happy to be here!
Leaving Pukekohe was one of the most heart wrenching and hard things I have done so far on the mission I will miss those people so much. They showered me with love and gifts as I left for my new home and I will miss them until we meet again! Shanti and Kavita did something that I think you all should know about though. We went over to say goodbye on Wednesday and when we got there they had a new Kitten. I asked them about their new little kitty and they said they bought it and named it after me, and they made sure it was a white kitty I am sure you will be glad to know dad.  Ha ha ha.
I almost died laughing so yes there is now a kitty in the world named Sister Miggin and it lives in Pukekohe New Zealand:) I love my Pukekohe family!  
Sister Finau and I are loving it here in Cambridge and we laugh all the time! Couple funny stories … When we were companion studying this week, she was trying to pronounce Capable and she kept saying K-Bubbles. It was hilarious and needless to say I now call her K-Bubbles ha ha  Next funny thing was I kept saying I need to go "potty" without knowing it and she kept saying I need to go to the Party? I asked her if it was an island thing because Sister Isnard used to call it the Party too, and she goes "No thats what you call it!" haha so without knowing it I have officially taught two of my companions to refer to going to the restroom as going to the Party. haha 
As far as teaching goes it is amazing! This Saturday we have a baptism his name is Sole. He is here on a rugby scholarship from Tonga and he is 15 years old. I could talk about his spirit and strength forever but I will just tell a brief little paragraph instead. Sole has been taking the discussions and the day I got her he had been emailing his parents and shared his testimony with them. They told him to do whatever he wants and that he is no longer a part of their family. He has officially been shunned by his family and when we met with him my first night here he cried and bore the most powerful testimony and prayed in Tongan. I could not understand what he was saying but the spirit was so strong that the language barrier had no influence. He is still preparing for baptism and is willing to give up everything to follow Christ. I feel so blessed to be a part of his life and conversion now. And good news my Tongan has literally grown heaps just this week. I just asked my companion how it is and she said that I have gone from a 0 to a 5 and even though I still don’t hardly understand what they are saying when I teach in Tongan they understand almost everything I say.  
I love you all so much and wish I had more time to write! But I pray for you everyday and can feel all your prayers so thank you so much!! 
OFA-ATU(I love you in Tongan)
 Love Sister Miggin
Sister Finau

Saying goodbye to the Tuipalas and Sister Filou


Saying goodbye to Shanti and Kavita

Wikaira Family

Sister Finau

learning Tongan

The cat named Sister Miggin

Tangi Fmaily

So she wrecked the car. I wish we were surprised.

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