Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Someone tried to break into the flat!!!!

Hey Family-

Things are good here in Redoubt. Things are really slow in this area ... everyone is super rich!!! My Tongan has barely gotten better I feel like but I am understanding a lot more than I speak.

Something funny that happened this week was we were walking down the street and stopped to talk to this guy at the bus stop and it was so stinking hot that I had a Restoration pamphlet out that I was fanning myself with and I asked him if he wanted one. He started fanning himself with it at first and then he opened it up and started taking a look. It was so funny, definitely one of the most random ways I have ever given a pamphlet away. He gave us his address and invited us over to teach him though so it totally worked!!

Also it was a couple of the Elders birthdays this week in the district so we made a couple cakes this week to smash in their faces it was great:)

Also someone tried to break into our flat a couple of nights ago but we were all good. I didn't even wake up Sister Vasi because the last time someone broke into the flat before I got here she chased after them and I am not about to go chasing down my companion in the dark in South Auckland after some creep even though I am pretty sure she could take them. haha

They just tried to come in the front door they were probably just drunk and got the wrong house cause we live on a whole row of identical houses

And we called the mission office and told the zone leaders and the mission office doesn't really care but the zone leaders said they are happy to sleep in their car outside our flat if it happens again they are the best!

If it happens again I am going to make Fukofuka sleep on our porch every night and let me send you a pic of how huge he is you will sleep better at night haha And he would Tongan Elders would do anything to protect a woman they were all ticked that the mission office didn't do anything about it they are like ready to take shifts haha A little over protective lol

Anyway Love you heaps!!

Love Sister Miggin

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