Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Aunty Sav loves me Madre!

Hey Whanau!
It was the best Christmas this year and it was seriously the best talking with yous! Aunty Savoni has been talking about you non-stop since we called. She even talked about you in relief society yesterday! She thinks were the most amazing family! I told her you guys are my best friends and she finally understands lol
Ya Sister Hughes is getting way excited to go home! Today is her 21st birthday we hiked to the top of the Haikirimata and had a little devotional with a bunch of people in the ward it was fun to hike up with heaps of people. Then today they are throwing her a surprise party which is going to be awesome because they threw her a little party last night to throw her off. 21 is like a HUGE deal here in New Zealand its crazy!
We are working down at the Temple Lights again tonight to! I hope I survive because we woke up at 530 this morning and last time we went we didnt get home til about 1 in the morning! THATS A LONG DAY! Especially when you have to be up by 630 the next morning lol And Hughes and I always wonder why we are so tired!
I am pretty positive I am going to get transfered this week and I am getting really sad I have so much whangai whanau here! At our little devotional last night at the end of the party I really couldnt believe just how much I really love these people I dont just love them... they are family to me now! As I have been revflecting on my last few months here in Ngaruawahia we have seen so many cool things happen in this area. We have young women sharing the gospel and contemplating missions and less actives coming back to church. We have 3 investigators who want to get baptized and they have the best fellowship I am blown away thinking back on the last 6 months since I got to Ngaruawahia!
With that said knowing I am going to be heartbroken leaving Ngaruawahia I am really excited to go to my last area especially after calling home a few days ago because that just means I get to see you that much sooner! Plus if I stayed in Ngaruawahia for four more months I would never be able to leave lol I would seriously just take up permanent residence so its best that I get moved lol
I love you heaps!!

Love Sister Miggin

Aunty Sav just raves that you are the coolest mom ever lol Which i already knew but its really funny and grace said that even when I am not there that is all she has talked about all week lol

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