Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Merry Christmas! (Lots of Pictures)

Kia Ora Family!!!

It was a great week! We did lots of fun things but the only downfall is that EVERYONE is leaving for Christmas Holidays including all our investigators lol
This week we went down to the temple lights twice. On Tuesday we went down with the Young Women and Suede and Jehi and it was really good! Then we went down and proselyted there on Friday which was pretty cool I can say that I worked at the temple for a day. We were there until really late though cause people were still coming at 11pm! I am so used to going to bed early now and we had to take the Huntly Sisters home after we didn’t get home till after 1230! I was soooo dead tired the next day when we woke up at 630 I was like a zombie all day!
I hope you saw the fish brains video Aunty Sally said she posted it to you! IT WAS SOOOOO GROSS!!! Definately the worst thing I have eaten on my mission! I think the next was Kina and then Horse just because of the moral of it lol Oh boy!
We also went caroling with the Morgan family last night which was really cool! Our last house we took some baby clothes to this young mom and sang her a song and she was so grateful and excited it was super cool!
We had mission conference this week on Tuesday during the day! It was ALL DAY LONG! It was so good though they split us up into different groups than our companions and I was in Sister Lamoureoux's group which was so fun! We had a great catch up!

Love you all heaps!!

Love Sister Miggin

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