Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Holidays and Staying Focused

Hey Family-

I have had some technical difficulties with the computer today so it is going to be a short one. It was a good week but a hard week! Everyone is going out of town and really busy with the holidays so we just knock on a lot of doors in a day that don’t open.  Mexiko and Suede are still doing good but don’t see them as much as before.

It is getting really hot here and I am getting nice and tan. It feels like Christmas but just makes me think of home a lot so we don’t think about it. I love Sister Hughes but she goes home in a month and a half and is kind of zoning out a lot so I am trying to stay focused for the both of us. She is seriously so sweet though and happy all the time that I can’t get mad. It is definitely making me more tired though.

Love you all heaps! Talk to you on the phone next week!!:)

Love Lyndsi

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