Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Staying for the Holidays

November 23, 2014


We had an awesome week! GREAT NEWS!! I am staying in Ngaruawahia with Sister Hughes for Christmas and New Years!! WOOT WOOT!! We had a great week missionary work wise too! We set Mexiko for baptism on March 28 and we found 5 new investigators (three of which are really keen to get baptized!!) Hopefully we will have some awesome miracles go on in the next few weeks!! And all of our progressing investigators came from referals from members! I was worried if we were pushing working with our members to much and maybe should go tracting but we are getting heaps of referrals now that the members trust us and we had 15 lessons this week with members present which is the standard of excellence for the mission! Our members even had a party with two of our investigators that they met at our family history class but they didn’t realize we had been teaching them and they invited us over and we were so surprised to see them there it was awesome!!  

The weather is getting just beautiful and it is getting really warm! Flowers everywhere! I  YAY! My allergies are just terrible right now! I went to the doctors to try and get some AllegraD this morning and it was a joke! The doctor treated me like I was a drug addict because apparently they don’t make that in this country and they have to combine two medications to get the same kind of thing and the decongestant is a protected medication! It was so ridiculous! But he gave it to me anyway thank heavens! 

Side note: Sister Isnard got sent home early! The one that used to chuck stuff at my head! I will have to tell you the whole story! CRAZY!!  

Love you all heaps!  

Love, Lyndsi

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