Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Wading In

December 7, 2014

Love Sister Miggin

Hey Family-  

It was an awesome week! We started out with our trip to the beach which was super fun! We had fish and chips and had a little bonfire and we hiked around on the rocks and put our feet in! We also walked in the water over to this little beach cause it was just to our ankles but we played over there catching little crabs and things so long that when we went to go back the tide had come in and the water was waist deep! Don’t worry I didn’t swim just clung to the rock wall and walked back to the other side as fast as I could. It was pretty funny though! I never even thought of the tide coming in? I haven’t ever really ever swam in the ocean though so I guess I wouln’t have thought of it and we are allowed to put our feet in.  

Tuesday we got to go to leap with the young women which is like a trampoline place because two of our investigators Suede and Jehi came. I didn’t jump cause I was scared of getting hurt! I only have like 4.75 months left haha not getting hurt now!! But Sister Hughes put her little stretchy pants on under her dress and jumped around it was hilarious!!!  
Thursday we had Zone Meeting which was good but I really hate going to meetings where other missionaries are because the mission is in pretty bad shape . Apparently 5 more missionaries got sent home in the last two weeks. I did get to see Sister Lamoureux though because she is in our zone now! And they announced the HE IS THE GIFT initiative that the church put out and the youtube take over! Super cool! If you jump on facebook today the Church bought out all the ads for Christmas!! 

While we were here doing our email the store lady clicked on it and watched it and that was really cool. 

Saturday was our ward Christmas party! IT WAS SO FUN! We woke up at like 5 in the morning though to dig the pit for the Hangi (Cooking Pig in the ground) Sister Hughes and I dug the hole all by ourselves... it was HUGE!! It looked like we dug a grave (which we kind of did for the pig lol) and they played games at the park and had a huge slip n slide with a fire truck hosing it down it was fun and then that evening there was a talent show that was really good! We had about 8 investigators come and heaps of less actives!!  
Sunday was good too! Suede came to church for the first time and we gave her a Book of Mormon. She told her cousin that she wants to be baptized and we had another lesson with her last night at the Waters house with Jashon and Zsaraya and Suedes little brother and it went so well the spirit was really strong! I am sure that we will set her for baptism next lesson! I am so sad that I will probably get transferred before her baptism but so excited to have some keen investigators! Mexiko is doing well too!

We are seeing heaps of blessings right now! It is really awesome!   


Love Sister Miggin
Roasting the Pig

At the Beach

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