Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Hey Mom and Dad!!

It has been such a crazy week! I got last minute shifted to Taupo because they needed a driver down here and I think God knew I needed to leave Redoubt! It was hard to leave because I was finally starting to love it up there. For some reason I feel like I was never supposed to be there which I have never felt before in an area and so when I got transferred and rolled up to Taupo it felt like home which was so nice!

When we left Redoubt it was just Vasi and I driving down and I got permission to stop in Ngaruawahia because it is on the highway to Hamilton and so I stopped and said hi to the Waters and Auntie Savoni. It was seriously the most amazing thing ever! I cant explain the love I have for them and how much I had missed them it was what I imagine when I see you it will feel like a little bit! It was so sweet and my heart felt so full!

Transfers were good but the drive was really long we are as far south as you can go in the mission its us and then wellington mission so I literally went from the top border of the mission in redoubt by Auckland mission to the bottom! Taupo is freaking gorgeous though! We can see the beautiful lake from basically our whole area and there are hot pools like Yellowstone all over the place. Heaps of tourists!!

We set someone for baptism the second day I was here and so next month we have almost a baptism every single Saturday the 7, 14, and 28! This area is on fire it is so seriously fun to be in an alive area I have never been in one before. haha Sister Paulo is amazing I get along with her like I did with Sister Hughes... So EASY!! She is Sister Training Leader right now so we will be going on exchanges and training the newbs which is so weird! She dies at the end of this transfer though and then it will be me dying! CRAZY!!

Next week Elder Bednar is coming to speak to us so we are driving all the way back up to Auckland to my Redoubt chapel for the conference it will be our entire mission and Auckland mission I might get to see Elder Katoa for the first time since the airport! We don't get to talk to anyone or take any pictures though so I will just tell you all about it!

Anyway love you heaps!!

Sister Miggin

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