Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A dream

July 13, 2014

Kia Ora Family!

IT HAS BEEN A ROUGH WEEK!! But as to be expected I guess life is just hard sometimes! It is good to keep in mind that Satan is real and so clever! I dodged some big mistakes this week by listening to the spirit and I am oh so grateful! I am so grateful for my Mission President this week to and heads up I will be transferring on Thursday! Don’t know where yet but I will let you all know next week!:) Things are looking up this week so no worries!

As for stories this week my companion and I had a very strange experience that I am kind of worried about... The other night I had an extremely vivid dream.. I dreamed that we were driving to transfers and a truck came into our lane right past the Goodman’s house on Hamilton Rd. Our car got smashed and I was really hurt but my companion was completely fine. She didn’t know what to do and then the next thing I remember was being in the hospital but I was standing in the room watching and I wouldn’t wake up. All the people that I have met on my mission so far were there from Pukekohe and the Cambridge branch coming to visit and then my Parents showed up. But it was like I was just standing there watching everyone come in and out. Eventually I woke up but it was a really horrible dream.. Well the next morning I was getting ready and couldn’t get it out of my head so I told Sister Paletaoga "Hey I had the weirdest dream last night that we got in a car crash on the way to transfers" and she looked at me really funny and said that is what I dreamed about last night and then she went into detail describing the exact same dream and crash every detail the same except the part where I was in the hospital she said that she remembers them making her still go to transfers after I went off to the hospital and she was worried sick about it and her dream went on to her in a new area. It was really weird and we have been worried about it for two days. I even prayed about it to make sure it wasn’t a warning or anything but no answer just a feeling that everything will be alright so I guess we will run with that?

Oh and teaching Renee is really excited and wants to get baptized she is moving out of the house with Andrew and getting her life all back in order it is great! Simon gets the priesthood next Sunday, and Mihi is working on her smoking so she can get baptized I am so proud of all of them! Zea is struggling a little so keep her in your prayers! I love you all very much!!

Love Sister Miggin



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