Sunday, October 26, 2014

August 3, 2104

Kia Ora Family~ 

Im honestly glad it is Monday. This last week was really hard but I am doing much better now. I think I hit the pit of my discouragement this week and it didnt help that I have been sick and hacking up a lung! I have been praying a lot and studying the scriptures a lot to find encouragement and for the last few months I have been trying my best to keep motivated and keep fighting along. Last night we went to a fireside at the temple visiting center and after it was over I had a little chat with the AP's. It was alright but I still left feeling confused and lost and struggling to know what to do. While we were driving home with the Zone Leaders I felt inspired to ask for a blessing. I haven't asked for blessings out here and I didn't want to because I think most the Elders are immature and annoying lol But I asked anyway cause our Zone Leaders are alright. Elder Saville gave me a blessing and I haven't had one like that in years. Every worry, concern, thought that I have had in the last couple months was answered. I felt a lot of peace and I received all the answers I needed to overcome my trials. Also at the end of the blessing he promised that when I finish my mission I will be able to look back and know that I have become the woman God wants me to be. So I look forward to that after all these struggles! Thank you for all your prayers I think they are what has kept me going til now! 

In other news I have been waking up at 530 every morning to do kick boxing. Brother Waters in our ward and his daughter TeAniwa and his son Jash have been training us! IT IS SO INTENSE! All my muscles hurt lol and the other day we climbed Hakirimata which is almost 1500 stairs to the top of a mountain... OUCH CHARLIE! So that is going well! 

Sister Taiseni and I are getting along really well and I really love her! She is really young but is going to be an amazing woman someday! I am grateful to be her companion. 

Our teaching pool is kinda yuck right now because the last missionaries in the area didnt do anything they were supposed to so we are still knocking on lots of doors! I hope you have a safe fun trip to San Diego and enjoy the rest of your summer because it is really starting to warm up down here! 

Love you sooooo much!

Love Sister Miggin

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