Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 12, 2014

Kia Ora Family-

It has been a really great week! I have lots of funny stories for you but first I have some sad news, My little baby Lukey from work passed away this week. I am sad that he is gone I will miss his little spirit so much! If this letter makes it on the blog I hope Katie and Danny know how much I love them and their family and am so grateful to know them and especially their precious little boy!

This week was crazy! Busy, busy, busy! We were sick at the beginning of the week I was on Wednesday and Sister Hughes was on Thursday. Our members saved our lives they stayed with one of us while we rested while the other went out with another member and worked! Some went out for like 4 hours! SOO Grateful!!

We had a service project on Saturday that we took Grace and George Flood to trying to catch 6 roosters! IT WAS HILARIOUS! We spent two hours running around and jumping fences trying to catch them and didn’t even catch one! We eventually gave up and just mowed this massive lawn taking turns on the riding lawn mower lol Needless to say this Saturday we are rallying the troops and going to catch the roosters for real this time. haha I will try and take heaps of pictures it should be crack up!

General Conference was awesome! Pretty powerful this time they didn’t mess around at all! Our youth go back to school this week which is a bummer because they have been awesome the last two weeks they come out and do service and lessons with us every day!

This morning we got a startling phone call to! We were just about to start studying and President Rudd called. I have never heard of him calling for anything good before. But, apparently he got an extremely nice letter from our Stake President saying how wonderful we are and that we are the best missionaries that have ever served in Ngaruawahia! HOW COOL IS THAT! Made my day!

We have wonderful people in this area! The work is still hard and finding people to teach and helping them progress is the challenge but I have never seen members who do so much missionary work ever before! They do it on their own, they help us daily, and they really live the gospel the best they can its amazing! I can’t imagine going out and making time for the missionaries everyday almost, they really get it here! They sacrifice a lot to help the work move forward and literally help us with anything and everything we ask of them. When I got transferred to Ngaruawahia and Mission President told me I was going to the promised land I didn’t get it lol but I do now!:)

Oh yep and we didn’t get transferred in it for another six weeks which is great because I love Sister Hughes! We laugh constantly and she is ALWAYS happy! I can’t believe how fast the weeks go now but I am absolutely loving everything we do!

Love you All HEAPS!

Love Sister Miggin

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