Sunday, October 26, 2014

September 7, 2014


Things are so good here on the mission! We had an AMAZING week! Work work work! We found six new people to teach this week and half of them come from non-member families awesome! We also had a little lady wanting to leave the church last week so we invited her over to the Waters family’s home for Family Home Evening and now she is doing wonderful and even bore her testimony of the gospel! Also I had a cool experience listening to the spirit again I have been working on that and while we were driving the other day I felt like we should go to one of our less actives house who every time we go is always drunk or high but this time we went she was sober and so excited to see us! She invited us in for the first time and we were having a good lesson with her when her daughter who is not a member came in and started asking heaps of questions. She was misinformed about a lot of things and when we told her what we really believe she was like oh ya I believe that or I like that! Then she had a lot of questions about the Plan of Salvation because her brother committed suicide a couple years ago and we were able to share with her Alma 40:11 with her and share our testimony and you could just see her heart soften from trying to bible bash us to inviting us over to her home to visit with her it was awesome!

This ward here in Ngaruawahia is wonderful!! I love the ward members and the people in this area are so nice! We spend quite a bit of time with the Waters family. Their 18 year old daughter TeAniwa is getting married in a couple of months and I think she is feeling a lot of the emotions I felt before I almost got married but just a little bit different situation. I love her to death though and she is amazing! Their family brightens my day everytime we get to see them! Especially because Auntie Sally reminds me of Mom!:)

Funny story to.. Yesterday was Fathers Day here in New Zealand and needless to say no one wanted us over or no one was home because they were all having big family get togethers... Rough night hahaha Until the Floods realized we had nothing to do and nowhere to go and it was getting dark so they invited us to their family party they are the best! Not only were they celebrating Fathers Day though it was also the twins 20th birthday. Anyway Auntie Savoni's family was down from Auckland and none of them are members so her son Josh did a little fathers day message and at the end Auntie goes and now Sister Miggin will sing us a song in Tongan haha Oh man I almost died!! I dont know why I have to sing in public so much on my mission lol Im not even a good singer!! Anyway thank heavens Josh knew the song to or I really would have croaked cause we just sang one verse and I thought my heart was going to beat straight out of my chest! Killer man! I think her Dad recorded it but I was to embarrased to ask so hopefully if he did he will delete it haha

Anyway all is good here in beautiful New Zealand! Summer is coming on and everything is more green than I have ever seen it and the trees are blossoming! I dont think grass could even get this color green in the states haha

Well love you all!!

Love Sister Miggin

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