Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 5, 2014

Dearest Whanau~

I had the best week! This week was the end of a great transfer and we saw so many miracles. Sister Hughes and I were talking that this must be the end to the "trial of our faith" because we don’t even know what happened. Last week we didn’t have any progressing investigators and were struggling to find people to teach. This week we had the most Member Present lessons of my entire mission and we had one of our less-actives sons named Dontay want to get baptized. On Saturday, during studies I felt so inspired that I couldn’t deny it that a family in the ward needed to bear all their testimonies in sacrament and they did it was so powerful! I also bore my testimony without being asked for the first time (like assigned in a talk or bishop has us do it sometimes on the spot) and I was so nervous but I felt the spirit really strong it was awesome! Also our amazing investigator Piki has come back and is still super interested it is awesome!

The biggest miracle this week was that we saw someone be healed! One of our recent converts has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and now she is in her fifties it is really bad and on Sunday she missed church because she couldn’t even stand up or turn or anything! We called a couple men in the ward to come give her a blessing and immediately when the blessing was over she sat up straight and started moving around. She walked us to the door and came to a fireside with her son last night. He is the boy that wants to be baptized! IT WAS AMAZING!

Sister Hughes and I have been working on memorizing a scripture a day. We are doing pretty well but we have missed a couple days. This morning we climbed to the top of Hakirimata with Zsaraya and it was such a beautiful view! I had the best week and  it made all the long slow weeks really pay off!

I love you all so much!

Love Sister Miggin

Hey Mama Guess WHAT!!!! You know Aunty Sally Waters that I told you about that reminds me of you! Were related to her lol On your mom’s side the Harveys! We figured it out this week after a family history class that we did! Found us some awesome cousins here in New Zealand and ever since I told Uncle Willy dad has a Harley he freaked out. haha
Elder Pearce from Texas

Working with Less Actives and got our faces painted.  One way to do a lesson 
Dontay at the Temple

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