Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Wanted to thank everyone who has been asking me for Lyndsi's address. I hope she feels the love what with all the letters she is going to be getting! 

We got another update from Lyndsi this week. Below are her adventures. 


I leave the MTC tomorrow morning (December 18th) and head off to meet my Mission President and my new companion. I am so excited! The MTC has been a great experience! I feel like I have learned and grown a ton. I had three awesome teachers and we all got along great and became really good friends probably cause they are the same age as me! lol


So I have been more willing to try the food this week, probably because I was starving to death but I tried an egg and cream flavored candy that Pres Tarawhiti gave me and it was pretty good! Also my companions sister brought her these yummy licorice things the raspberry flavor had milk chocolate down the middle and the mango licorice had white chocolate down the middle. YUM! Also super funny they only put gravy on meat and when I smooshed up my potatoes and put gravy on them everyone but the Americans thought I had lost my mind. The Americans thought it was genius! lol


We usually wake up at 5:30 in the morning to shower and get ready on time and by we I mean me. Sister Tafa sleeps til I'm done showering and then she gets up. But the other night I decided to shower the night before (INSPIRATION!) because Sister Tafa woke up at 5:45 and went in to take a shower and there was a mouse in the bathroom! The other 3 of us woke up to blood curdling screams from sister Tafa. Luckily she hadn't undressed yet because she came darting out of the bathroom and jumped on her bed yelling "RAT, RAT" And sister Moore saw it run under Sister Ryan's bed. All the other girls were screaming but I was nice and safe on the top bunk.

All their suitcases were open under their beds so I convinced Sister Moore to come with me to find someone to help. Since it was so early no one was awake so we went back to the room to catch the mouse ourselves.

We told sister Tafa to just start getting ready so we wouldn't be late and to shut the bathroom door while we catch the mouse. Sister Ryan and Moore both chickened out on me so it was me and the the floor mop out to catch the mouse. I started pulling all their suitcases out one by one and beating the tar out of everything inside them with the mop. When I felt certain that no mouse was in a suitcase I would put it on a bed. Soon the entire floor was cleared and no mouse was found. So it was either dead in a suitcase or it had somehow crawled under the bathroom door.

Sister Moore knocked on the bathroom door and told Sister Tafa not to be alarmed but we were pretty sure the mouse was in the bathroom with her. Soon after... we heard the screams confirming that was where our little mouse "Marco" had gone. (We named him Marco because we were playing Marco Polo trying to find him) She was still naked so she jumped back in the shower. I told her through the door to grap her towel so I could come catch the mouse. When I opened the bathroom door it was hilarious!! She was dripping wet in her towel in the shower hiding behind the glass door scared to death lol I almost died laughing!! The mouse was hiding under her clothes so me and the trusty mop went digging for it. It sprinted out of the bathroom though and under our bedroom door out into the hallway. I chased after it but it was long gone. They still haven't caught him. lol Good ol' Marco is haunting the halls somewhere I guess.


On the bus ride to the temple on Thursday it was dead silent for about thirty minutes until on of the Tongan elders started singing hymns. All the other Tongan Elders chimed in and sang us all the way to the temple for the next hour. Even though I didn't understand what they were singing It was so beautiful and I felt the spirit so strong.

I kept hoping I would get the chance to hear them sing again and well I got my wish. I am literally the only person who can play the piano in the MTC so I get nominated to play at every meeting. The Tongan Elders were asked to sing in Sundays devotional So I have got to practice with them all week and they have been serenading me with my favorite Christmas song all week "Silent Night" and besides having to play it has been so wonderful. Well I love you so much and I hope you all have a great week if I don't get to write you again.


My next story is of one of the elders in my district. His name is Elder Otto and he is one of the coolest people I have met here at the MTC. He is from one of the tiny little Islands in Vanuatu ( I probably spelled it wrong)  But he literally learned English FLUENTLY in less than five days. When he told me he didn't speak any English before he got to the MTC I almost died!! His English is literally almost perfect just with a really strong accent when I asked him how he did it he said I prayed a lot and read the Book of Mormon a lot. I am here to tell you the gift of tongues is REAL!!

Well I hope we didn't lose on this post. Who knew Lyndsi was such a Chatty Cathy???

 I am glad to know that the rodent issue has been somewhat resolved and that all those years my Mom payed for piano lessons did not go to waste.....with Lyndsi at least. :)

As always please keep Lyndsi in your prayers and I will keep you updated on her adventures in the mission. 

Love, Nicole 

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