Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Lyndsi actually made it to New Zealand, YAY!

We got our first email from her this week. Very exciting stuff. Below are some of the things she shared about her life in the MTC.

My companion is Sister Tafa-Muavaa and she is great we laugh hysterically together all time, and we work really well together in study and in teaching the fake invesitgators. She is from Austrailia and is going to be serving there in the Syndney South Mission. 

There are a couple other missionaries from the states but the other about 70 of them are from Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Austrailia and New Zealand and a couple other little Islands I cant pronounce. And trying to pronounce all their names is a joke, they mostly just laugh at me really hard when I try so usually I just call them Sister or Elder.haha

Its BEAUTIFUL here! It rains a lot but only for like ten minutes and then the sun comes right back out. Everything is green even the tree trunks covered in moss and the clouds are out of control beautiful and they make the sunsets magnificent. I can see the ocean and part of the city from my room to which is fun. All the girls here have been so welcoming and loving and they are all so wonderful. It is customary to kiss someone on the cheek to say hello when you shake their hand if you love and respect them so I have had a lot of kisses:)

The only thing I don't like is the food. IT IS AWFUL!! I hate it!! And the MTC President, President Tarawhiti (Tara-fiti) watches you as you clear your plate and you are not allowed to throw any food away at all (except me with cheese and milk and stuff because I'm lactose Intolerant LUCKILY! ;) ) When I first got here I tried their porridge and I had gotten a bowl of cereal just in case luckily because I hated porridge so I poured it in my cereal bowl after i was done and let it settle to the bottom under the milk so President Tarawhiti wouldn't know haha So I just don't take anything I wont eat for sure anymore. I may be starving to death my clothes are already fitting a little looser. They eat Tomatoes and Mushrooms with every meal including breakfast and they put vegetables in their biscuits and they make pancakes with corn in them (instead of chocolate chips lol) And NOTHING is seasoned no salt or even pepper. Its very bland. They also make pork and beans or these weird spaghetti-o things for breakfast every morning and eat it on their toast with fresh tomatoes on top?? Who does that?lol Yesterday they made hamburgers and they were not anything like American hamburgers but me and the two other people from Utah were so excited we made fry sauce and I almost ate the whole thing, my companion was so excited that I was eating!!

Also all the candy mom sent with me, I am glad that I brought it. Everyone loves me now because they got to try American candy.... You can tell her that it is universal to use candy to make friends!haha

Lyndsi gets to visit the Aukland Temple tomorrow which will be a fun little field trip for her! She also said "I feel good and I love what I am doing!" which makes me happy.

If you would like to write Lyndsi the addresses are here on the page and if you want me to send her a message with my weekly letter I am happy to do it! Just shoot me a text, email or leave a comment.

Please keep Lyndsi in your prayers and I will keep you updated on her progress.


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