Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Runs

Kia Ora-

I miss you all and am so glad it is P-Day! This week was super great and crazy! First story is I caught a Mauri Disease. Don’t freak out I think it is starting to go away but it is funny how I figured out what it was. We were at my investigator Teno's house having a lesson (PS I love her I am pretty sure I would have come all the way to New Zealand just for her!) but she was like "How have you been" and I looked like I had been ran over and so I told her I had a stomach ache the last couple days and she goes have you had diarrhea? (Sorry for the gruesomeness but I swear it leads to funny!) And I said yes!! She started laughing and she goes "You got what the Maori’s call the RUNS!!" lol I almost died laughing! It is really Rota Virus.  She gave me some tips on how to get rid of it and finally today it is getting better! Apparently whatever I got is really common here and people usually get it two or three times a year! YUCK! I hope this is the only time I get it...It was miserable! But I just kept working through it for the most part and we saw so many miracles.

We haven't heard from Anne since she went to Samoa and came back so we were starting to get really worried. She was supposed to get back on the second of February and as the days kept going we were getting sad that she wasn't texting us back. I prayed so much that we would be able to see her. I prayed specifically for a miracle and that is what we got. We just left the flat back on the street after dinner and stopped to chat with one of our favorite members when we heard a car horn and her car pulled over and she jumped out of the car. She ran over and hugged us and said she just hadn't been able to pay her phone bill since she got back but she was still reading the Book of Mormon and sharing it with her sisters now. I think we will have to reschedule the baptism so that we can fit in all the lessons but she still is planning on getting baptized and is as strong as ever! What a blessing!

Our next miracle is super crazy Teno has been sharing the gospel with all of her friends and family! She has been having these dreams about stuff that is in the temple that she would have no way of knowing and she talks about getting baptized all the time. We have asked her a couple of times and she said she is not ready but I believe when she is she will do it. She got her sister in law to come to church with her on Sunday and now she is taking the lessons to from the sisters in the other ward. She has read up to 2 Nephi already and understands so much! She got herself back in school this week and joined a netball team (Which is like basketball but without dribbling you just have to pass to make it in and the person with the ball can’t move forward until they pass it forward, it sounds super fun I haven't tried it yet though!) She started quitting smoking and hasn't drunk at all in over two weeks. She is reading her scriptures every day and praying every day. She bears her testimony about how she knows the gospel is true and how strong her relationship with Heavenly Father is now. I am so grateful for her strength that boosts me up on my mission.

We had a Pacific Area Broadcast yesterday to the Leaders of the wards and the Missionaries, but they talked all about member missionary work and how when you work on your own spiritual strength you will automatically start sharing it with others. President Hamula challenged us to do three things 1. Increase personal faith in Jesus Christ 2. Live the law of the Fast 3. Immerse ourselves in the Book of Mormon. They also challenged us to read the Book of Mormon twice this year. I know that Nicole started reading the Book of Mormon and was going to try and read it in a certain amount of time. Our mission President challenged us to read it by Easter. I would invite anyone who is reading this to set a goal for you to read the Book of Mormon and do it before June! I know that is a huge challenge but I know the blessings that will come! Everywhere I turn we are being challenged to read it. Strengthen yourself first and then you will be able to strengthen those around you.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Sister Miggin


The cake we baked for dinner with Teno and Garrison

Tracting out on the country road it was super humid you can see my hair fuzzing out in the back

Me sick with my water bottle

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