Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Breaking out of church!

Kia Ora Family!
It has been another full week out on the mission! We have some really amazing investigators right now we are just struggling to get them to come to church. We asked two people to get baptized this week, neither of them set dates but we will hopefully set them this week. One is named Darryl he is eleven years old and so funny! He came to Ammon's baptism this week a little eight year old in the ward and he thought it was really cool! He missed church on Sunday because of his Asthma, but his mom is pretty excited to get him baptized so hopefully we can get him set before I leave in two weeks! The other one is named Lena, I LOVE HER! She is from California and her dad is a preacher there. Her brother is Mormon though and lives in Salt Lake, and her husband is a less active so she knows quite a bit about the church. She is really open to everything and said she will probably be able to come to church this week. We have taught her most of the Lessons now she is progressing really well! We are teaching about six other people but they are a little more slow in progression in most part because they are hard to get a hold of but don't worry I plan on baptizing all of them haha.
I have a couple funny stories this week the first happened last night. It was about eight thirty and we were walking back towards the flat and we saw all the missionary cars at the chapel. We were like what the heck no one invited us to the party!!! But then we realized it was the leadership meeting so we ran over and put pass along cards under all their windshield wipers. Mid putting them on all the cars we heard them come out of their room and so Sister Isnard and I ran and hid in the bushes. Well we stayed there hidden until they all left but they locked the gate so we had no option but to climb the fence. I was half way over when all the sudden I heard a rip and a bang as Sister Isnard fell off the fence and ate it on the ground. No worries she is all good just has one little bruise but I almost died laughing, I was hauled over crying I was laughing so hard it was hilarious!!
The other funny thing we did this week was build a dog ramp for our next door neighbors dog haha Her name is Chloe and when we were over visiting them the other day we saw her try and go out the back door and since she has arthritis in her back legs she just like flopped out the door and landed on her back. I just thought of poor little deet dee having to throw himself out the door and I couldn't have anything to do with that so we built her a ramp and she LOVES it!!!
Womens conference was amazing on Saturday and we don't get to watch General Conference until next week at the chapel! So excited I love conference! I hope all is well back home I love and miss you all!
Love Sister Miggin
“Howdy Neighbor!" Our cute backdoor neighbor Amber. And Sister Samataua
and I:) She is Samoan from Austrailia

Sister Isnard eating the Candy from the package

Sister Wikaira and I and her son Matia and me when we were over for womens conference

Sister Davis and her famous Pinapple Pie she made us for dinner last night with her kids.

Sister Isnard by the fence she biffed it on last night

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