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March 30, 2014

March 30, 2014
The first story of the week Elder Hester broke his wrist riding his bike.
Sister Isnard has been out of money for the last two weeks so consequently I have been paying for her now too so I have been broke. She doesn’t budget at all.  She spent all her money on her silly boyfriend.  I have so much to tell you so I think I am going to pass up the big letter this week and just send pictures for that.  I am being very frugal and the members feed us a lot! I only buy food and pay for emails and we get paid next week and I am helping her set up a budget plan! Thanks for teaching me how.
You would be so proud of me because my patience is exceptional now. Sister Isnard has a hot quick temper but I am being a champion I think I can get along with anyone now after Sister Pearce, she was a blessing in disguise!
I don’t even know why she gets mad but most of  the time but she marches around the house not saying anything until I get her to tell me what’s wrong and then I apologize and then she is good for another ten minutes. The last one was because I whistled at her to get her attention that one was hilarious I totally pulled a dad. She gets mad because I didn’t buy enough food for her and me.  She just eats it anyway so now I don’t have any more because she eats HEAPS! It’s crazy; she just eats and eats and eats? When I offer to buy her some to she gets all mad at me and goes nope, I’m fine, I’m fine with a nasty little scowl on her face and then all week she is like can I eat this or this or this and I did get mad once and said, what happened, you didn’t want me to buy you any? I never say much though when she takes my shoes without asking, interrupts me when I am talking, changes the subject when I am having a conversation with people and they look at me like what the flip? I constantly have to keep my mouth shut or say things in a very calm collected way, otherwise she calls the mission president’s wife for everything? I don’t get it but I know that it is only four more weeks so a great opportunity to learn patience. Ha ha. I am going to need it when I become a wife and mother anyway
We have three progressing investigators now too! And one said she will consider baptism I am so stoked!  Rose our one thinking about baptism she is amazing! I am so excited for her!
We have not been back to see that guy but we didn’t I keep running into his wife and she is like, why haven’t you been over and inviting us for dinner and stuff it’s getting kind of awkward but that’s ok. That is a good idea to send the Elders. We will probably do that.
The little kids in the neighborhood all know me by name and I gave them some apples out of my bag the other day they were so happy!
We have the flashiest mission flat but in the scariest neighborhood.  The cops pull over and talk to us almost every day to make sure were ok because they patrol our neighborhood every hour. So we know most of them by name now.
I feel like a hundred times a week I want to call and tell you all the things happening and then I always forget when I sit down at the computer? Things are good though! I love New Zealand and the people and the work. I am becoming a professional gardener. I have been pulling out corn and cumaras (like potatoes but better) and turning over soil with a shovel and edging lawns with a shovel and weeding. My favorite is weeding. It is mindless and easy! I am going to get you a really great vegetable garden going when I get home! Yes, I eat vegetables now.   I eat peas, tomatoes, carrots and zucchini now like a champion! You wouldn’t believe how I can down a plate of peas when the members heap it on now. I make a gorgeous cauliflower salad I can’t wait for you to try it is so yummy!!
And how many kids in the tree???

Believe it or not this is after I ate my dinner! Tongans feed us HEAPS!!!

Our member Ruta from Kitibati moved this week:( so sad she helps us so much and she is so funny!!!

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