Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Green stones.

Hello Family!!
I miss you all so much and had a fantastic week! Lots of investigators and Lots of service this week! Things are crazy, crazy here, but I absolutely love Pukekohe and am dreading transfers next week! TRANSFERS...BLAHHHHH!!! I don't really have that many stories I can think of this week that I didn't take pictures of though so I will just caption my Pictures really well! I hope you all have a great week! LOVE YOU!!
Love, Sister Miggin
This week we went to one of our member’s house, Anna Howard and cleaned up heaps of spider webs! She then taught us some more Mauri and gave us some books to learn Mauri. We are going over there tomorrow to learn how to make Mauri bread for lunch to!

We went back out to Clarks Beach to meet with some investigators it is seriously just so beautiful!

 I am back to climbing trees! It was such a perfect little one I had to do it!

We had a Relief Society Activity on Wednesday. Sister Holmes and I taught about visiting teaching.

We came home and Elder Hester and Elder Otto left us secret messages on trash and pass along cards. Silly Elders, tricks are for kids

I got Nicole’s card! It made me cry!! I literally have the coolest sister in the whole world! And huge thanks to her FHE group for the words of encouragement! I really appreciate all the thought they put into it and the things that were said! It was awesome!!
The best thing of all this week was at Sister Rosalyn Wikira's house to do some service and she let us try on her Mauri ceremonial capes and look at all her Wakaama paddles. She and her husband both compete in the Wakaama boat races!


Then after Sister Wikira let us try on all of her capes, she gave us each a green stone necklace. I teared up!! In the Mauri culture, green stones are a HUGE deal! They are a sign of love and you cannot buy them for yourself. They have to be given you as a gift! They are super expensive and they have such a deep meaning that I never thought I would get one. And for a Mauri to give us one was a really heart touching thing. I still am so happy! She let us hold the two necklaces and feel which one was warmer to us. They believe that green stones choose the owner so if it doesn't feel warm to you then it is not really yours and should be gifted again. We both held them and felt the same about whose green stone was whose and Sister Wikira said that is exactly who she would have picked for each of them! Mine has the three lines through it which symbolize three baskets of knowledge. I think that it is really cool because I feel like I am learning so much here on my mission!

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