Monday, March 24, 2014


Kia Ora Family!!
Things in New Zealand are wonderful!! I LOVE IT! I must have made it sound like transfers were last week but I won’t find out until tonight or tomorrow they are this week! Sorry! A lot happened in the ward this week though. We got all kinds of bad news but despite all the sadness around us Sister Holmes and I had a really good week!
We found out that our next door neighbor’s partner passed away. We have been reading the Book of Mormon with her and her daughter, they are members but her partner that passed away was not. His name was Kenny and he was always really nice he was a crazy Irish Catholic and he always used to tease us and call us the nuns. We have his funeral tomorrow.
Also one of the sweet sisters in the ward found out this week that she cannot have children and she confided in Sister Holmes and I. I wish there was more we could do but we had lunch with her on Saturday and she seemed to be doing a bit better.
Our investigator Teno is really, really struggling! She has been drinking again and she turned us away again. I know that she knows the church is true so hopefully she will come back around. It is so hard to love these people so much and then watch them choose a different path after they know the truth!
We have been teaching lots of people though and things have been going really good! Shanti's daughter Kavita has been sitting in on all our discussions now to and she got every Sunday off so I think she will start coming to church! I am so excited! We told Shanti yesterday that transfers were this week and we were all a crying mess together. She said the sweetest prayer before we left asking God to watch over us wherever we go, and then we were really a mess! I am still hoping to stay in this area!! It feels like home now!
Sister Wikaira who gave us those beautiful green stones had another visit with us this week. She sang Mauri songs with us and we did "Tim Tam Slams" She is so sweet and so motivated to help with the missionary work! I think she was one of my friends before this life we always have such a good time! There are so many people in this area I just can't imagine life without anymore. I had no idea my heart could be so full!
I hope all is well at home!
I love you and miss you!
Love, Sister Miggin
This is Phillip and Tonia Hadley they are a really nice recent convert family!

This is two of the Jones girls Daysha and Bri we made cookies with last Monday they are the best!!

Sister Wikaira's Kids they are the sweetest kids ever!

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