Monday, March 3, 2014

Those poor elders!

Kia Ora Family!

Things are still good here down under! This week was probably the best week of my entire mission so far! We have 8 new investigators this week that are all super interested! I don't really know if that is a big deal in other areas but that is about double our best so far! We had exchanges this week with our sister training leader and it was really fun! We had so many miracles this week. I will share just a few.

First was a cool family we actually met Rose first. She talked with us on the street and said that her partner used to be Mormon, and we should come over and teach him. We have run into her a couple times but had never been able to catch them home until Saturday night. We got talking with them and found out that he has all the Mormon Apps on his phone and still loves the church but that he stopped going because his son and Rose never went with him. She said to him that she would be willing to go to church with him and his eyes about bugged out of his head with joy! I have never seen such a big smile and he was like "REALLY??" I think that he is really excited to come back to church and Rose has agreed to start taking the discussions.

Second biggest miracle was Sunday the Jones family invited us over for lunch. The Jones family is one of my absolute favorite families in the whole world. Gareth the dad served in Denver, Colorado on his mission so he loves us Americans. The mom Julia is one of the Cooper family (Mosey and Ellie that let us call at their house on Christmas sister) and they have six daughters who are all gorgeous and sweet and hilarious! Daysha their oldest daughter brought her friend to church, her name is Lee. She is who we had lunch with at their house. We did a little lesson with her after lunch and taught the restoration. The spirit was so strong and then when we were done teaching Brother Jones really sincerely bore his testimony and asked her if she would take the missionary discussions with us. SHE SAID YES!! It was a really neat experience!

The third miracle is not as big and yet again another dog story. So Elder Nelson had said last week, "Angels are watching over you every day, you will recognize some of them, they are your ancestors." Well Angels were watching over Sister Bird and me on Wednesday. We went to visit one of our investigators named Yaio. When we knocked on the door the kids answered and were holding the big mean dog back that is usually out back when we come over. It was barking and growling and trying to get at us well they ran off to get their mom and the dog was let go and came over to us it just stood about a foot away and stared at us. Sister Bird leaned over to me and said "I think there is an angel standing in between us and that dog." I think she was right because when the mom came around the corner she told us Yaio wasn't home yet and then she gave us a really funny look and looked at her dog and said "Wow my dog really likes you she is never like this she usually just bites people." Lol Miracle for sure!!

Another funny story is that the members in the ward LOVE us! It is so funny because this Sunday they kept saying how much they love us in front of the Elders in the ward. Especially after we both spoke in sacrament. The Elders are really great in our ward but they live out in Waiuku so we kinda stole the members love. We wrote down five of the really funny ones....

1. This was at Bishops house for dinner. Sister Tangi was dishing up desert for the Elders who had come over as we were about to leave because they didn't have a dinner appointment and Bishop felt bad and invited them. Elder Hester "This pie is really good!" And Sister Tangi goes "Oh yeah, we only make this dessert for special occasions" And Elder Hester goes "What just for us?" And she goes "No for the Sisters." Lol We all almost died laughing Elder Hester looked so upset hahaha I think she was kidding but it was super funny!

2. Brother Wikira who was conducting sacrament and said after our talks before handing the time over to Bishop "We always see the sisters walking up and down the Bronx of New Zealand, no fear!" (No mention of the poor Elders)

3. Brother Aupouri our ward mission leader during our Missionary Council Meeting "You sisters bring the light to the dark side! We have never had missionaries so involved in our ward, I am glad we have sisters now." (People in the meeting: Brother Aupouri, Sister Holmes and I, Elder Hester and Otto.)

4. Brother Jones came up on the stand right after church while we were still sitting in front of the Elders and said "We are going to protest if they try to transfer you!...... (Turns around) Oh you to Elders...."

5. Bishop Tangi's closing remarks in Sacrament Meeting "If you are having a hard time getting into a home, USE THE SISTERS!  He spoke for five minutes about how great sisters are...."lol Elder Hester making irritated noises sitting behind us.

Anyway it was an amazing week! We can’t get enough of Pukekohe. Everywhere we turn there are friendly smiles and waves even from all the gang members. I had one of the Black Power members offer to buy me one of their gang member shirts this week. I just told him no thanks. I hope all is well at home! I love and miss you all!

Love Sister Miggin

Helping make a traditional Mauri meal called "boil-up"
A counties rugby ball signed by the whole team! Oh yep I know how to pass a rugby ball now!

Craig took a picture of us eating ice-blocks while it was raining the humid heat might kill me

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