Monday, March 24, 2014

New Companion and Slugs be like huge around here!

 Hola Family!
Things are really good here this week! I am still in Pukekohe but I have a new companion named Sister Isnard. She is half French and half Tahitian. She is from the little island of Bora Bora off of Tahiti. I was so comfortable with Sister Holmes that it is taking a little getting used to and there are A LOT of cultural differences but things are good. I had heard that the islanders were super laid back and man were they right! I am trying to be exactly obedient but I am mostly just learning patience for my new companion who has a very laid back attitude about everything! She was a chef at a resort in Bora Bora before she came out so I have been eating really good... I even ate tomatoes! But all our investigators are kind of freaking out! She talks a lot... not just a lot... like an abnormal amount and her English is kind of broken so she never makes a whole lot of sense. I am trying to work with her on listening a little bit but in lessons she mostly just talks about herself, her culture, her family, her entire life story to everyone we meet! I hardly get a word in edge wise and when I do she usually cuts me off mid-sentence. It’s going to be an interesting six weeks! If she is going to talk so much I really wish she would actually do language study but she thinks her English is perfect so she mostly dorks off during that time while I study. She also texts and calls all the people all the time and last night she almost picked a fight with our Sister Training Leader Sister Bird.
Most the time I figure just do the best I can and the Lord will make up the rest. And then the other half I try not to laugh because I just think she is crazy and her French accent is funny. 
In other news Shanti's daughter Kavita and her roommate Jessie have started taking the Lessons though! I am so excited they seem really interested! Kavita promised to come to church next week and Jessie took a Book of Mormon. Rose also took her first Book of Mormon last night! She is so funny because she is like dragging Oakley back into his own religion I just loveher! Teno seems to be doing ok this week but she has to move now because her landlord sold their house! We got a bunch of really awesome referrals this week from the ward! Three lessons scheduled in member’s homes with their referrals! I am super stoked about it go Puke 2nd, best members ever!
Other than that it was kind of a blah week because we had transfers. Sister Holmes had to say goodbye to everyone on Wednesday, Thursday I was in Papakura waiting for my new companion and then Friday and Saturday we mostly introduced Sister Isnard to everyone and had a few lessons. Things are great though learning and growing everyday just trying to do the Lords work!
Love and miss you!
Sister Miggin
PS Happy Birthday Patty!
 Ruta and Anna they are from Kitibati we have an English class with them every Tuesday night

Brother and Sister Aupouri the Ward Mission Leader and his wife, they are my adopted parents I love them so much!
This is the Wikaira Family! I just can't get enough of them.. They are some of the most amazing people I have ever met and I feel like they are one of the families I had to come to New Zealand to meet!

This is the last District picture before transfers

This is the Thompson family! Love them they are less active but have recently started coming to church again!

Heather Williams the one that lost their partner last week.

         This is Ofa one of our less active members she is wonderful! And then me with her oldest son Leka.

Missionaries in Puke 2nd ward

               Shanti and Kavita! I cant express how much I love these two in words they are wonderful!

Slugs be like huge around here!

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